Season 1 Episode 7

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS
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After an 8-year-old girl is kidnapped from a park and murdered, Stark believes this new case could be linked to a similar crime committed 15 years ago. In the former case, the main suspect had been defended by Stark himself and prosecuted by Jessica Devlin, and the man had been convicted of the murder. Meanwhile, a young man tells Julie he believes his late father and her mother had an affair while she was still married to Stark.moreless

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  • James Woods and Jeri Ryan dominate the hour.

    It seems like every legal drama has the standard "wrong man in jail" episode, but "Shark" makes it all seem less cliche with a nice turn from Jeri Ryan making a rare appearance in the courtroom. It's also a nice, uncompromising look at some of the unpleasant realities of the justice system: Jess admits she suppressed the witness testimony in 1991 because she didn't think it would make a difference. It was nice to see shades of a regretful Stark, who in one of his rookie outings as a defense attorney made a costly mistake that sent a client to jail. Now, he's motivated to make that right, and to get a child killer off the streets. James Woods rocks, it just can't be said enough. Homefront takes an interesting turn as Brad from "Home Improvement" shows up to tell Julie his dad and her mom had an affair. It casts Stark in a different light, and it's also a nice change of pace from regular TV - divorce is messy, and it's never all one person's fault.

    "Shark" continues to impress - this episode gets high marks for developing the relationships between Stark and Julie and Jess. Well done.moreless
  • Great quality programming from Woods and co.

    I was really impressed with this episode, expecially after Fashion Police which seemed to lack a certain something. The writers managed to find the perfect balance between personal relationships - Stark and Jules - and a gripping crime! The link between the "Emily" case and the 1991 case was an excellent insight into Stark's past as a lawyer, proving that even when he loses a case(he lost the original) he's still right.

    The story was written exellently, succesfully portraying the drama of the court room, and the powerful father-son relationship. Making for highly entertaining, and indeed, addictive viewing! More like this:Dmoreless
  • great plot and great ending

    as we are crusing on the tech era, we see how we need to revise the old trials since this thechnologies were not available then. In this episode a copy cat of an old murder of a child has revealed that they might have the wrong guy in prison serving a life sentence. Shark has to pull him self of the case since he was the defending lawyer that lost that day and has to bring the DA her self to prosecute this case. She has to come clean about some of the details of this 15 year old case back when she was the second prosecutor and the lead prosecutor made some big mistakes.moreless
  • oh...what a dicey situation.

    This was definitely exciting to watch!

    I'm glad that justice prevailed in the end!

    It must have been tricky for Stark to seek justice for both sides...the man who had been accused wrongfully and the families of the victims!

    It was also shocking to fing out that Stark wasn't the one who had the affair in his was his wife!

    In today's society, that's not surprising. However, it would be expected that Stark would be the one to have the affair...but when it turned out to be his, that caught me off gaurd!

    Definitely one of my favourite episodes!!!moreless
  • Stark deals with some ghosts of the past as Jessica finally gets a chance to shine.

    It's about time Jessica was given more to do than just show up five minutes an episode and chew Stark out. Revealing how she was "as much a Shark as I am" was a good move and it's nice to see her dealing with the effects of robbing a man of fifteen years of his life. The trial itself was good with a straightforward prosecution although the part of the wrongfully imprisoned man's dad was a bit much.

    Much better was the subplot with Julie finding out the divorce was not her father's fault at all. It's been hinted Julie's really looked up to her mother and finding out she was cheating on Stark (ironic given how we've seen Stark balancing two lovers at once) was a big shock for her. Once again, the show does a good job showing the relationship between Stark and Julie, as when he tells her not to blame her mother. They really make this show work and this episode is a terrific example of how the balance of the cases and home life make this one of the best new shows of the season.moreless

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