Season 2 Episode 4

Dr. Laura

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Jessica's past in questioned

    Great episode. What was great about the original series - the main character(s) in conflict with tangible threat to their careers or personal safety.

    This time its Jessica (Jeri Ryan). The beginning scene is good, clearly stating whats happened and building up to the middle act. It expertly shoves our expectations into forming the wrong conclusions about what is about to happen.

    We jump into the action pretty quickly as the first suspect smashes Isaac and a couple of cops. As youd probably guess hes not the right culprit and we get an early twist as we discover that everything is not right with the coroner.

    Queue the establishment of Jessica's relationship with the coroner. For once (in what seems a while) the court case actually adds to the drama and in a intense way, as Jessica's honor is called into question. She hold her own long enough so that a brilliant piece of bluffing by Shark convinces the defence to accept a deal.

    The predictable soulsearching ending though could have been avoided. Maybe for once, the person being sent to jail could scream blue murder and demand vengence!

    Alas, PC seems to be driving alot of TV nowadays. Anyways, the 2nd part of the ending is we seen the Sharks ex-wife returning to the fold - which personally I hope is a good thing and the season explores more of the complex character beneath the hard cold callous exterior of our heroic lawyer! Sadly it would seem that it probably wont!