Season 2 Episode 10

Every Breath You Take

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2007 on CBS
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Jessica feels responsible when a woman is killed shortly after the retrial of her stalker is lost.

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  • A interesting twist on the stalker plot


    Yet another dive into a stalker based storyline. The use of an excellent twist however elavates this from an average episode to a great episode.

    From the off, this episode takes you on its journey at breakneck speed. I was impressed at how the plot twists and turns w/o the need to pause and explain anything in depth. All that needs to be communicated is there for the viewer to take in. In short, its television at its most direct, simplest form. In my view the execllent setup of the stalker as the fall guy sets this episode up for a very believeable twist at the end, helped by the inclusion of two possible suspects; the ex-husband and the ex-bodyguard. All three are at somepoint prime suspects helped by the usual compliation of clues, behaviour, hidden secrets, plausible motives and more.

    This is a predominately a Jessica episode as most of the team and Woods take the week off. This results in some great key scenes for Jessica including: having to face the on-the-run stalker in an underground parking lot and talking him out of shooting himself with the LAPD surrounding him at the tennis academy of his dead stalkee.

    The reconstruction at the end of the stalkers view of the real killer is the most atmospheric and dramatic so far for this show.

    My only laments are the reoccuring snippets of Julie and Trevors plot strand into Sebs life. I can understand why the show has this thread, but overall it doesnt add anything to the show. Furthermore, this crime drama seems at this point to have taken the step of exiting the courtroom and focusing on drama outside. For me this isnt such a draw, but if they had continued with such interesting plots I would have minded.

    Hopefully though, the final seven shows will be more courtroom drama than investigation drama.

    As for you - this isnt one episode that you should miss!moreless
  • Started promising but could have been better.

    Considering Jessica Devlin is my favorite character, I was especially looking forward to this episode. That MAY have contributed to the fact that it left me rather disappointed. This was a golden opportunity to further explore her character but it ended up rather average. Nevertheless it did portray certain character traits I love about Jess. The appearance of Kevin Pollack was also an added bonus because whenever he appears, there's tension and this is drama after all. He just pulls that off so great.

    I thought Jeri Ryan did an amazing job as well and so did James Woods of course. The episode wasn't bad at all but I think it could have been much better. One of the major reasons for my disappointment was that the writers either messed up some character back story or they just forgot to include that on Shark a DA's term is not four years (considering the time frame doesn't work out according to what Stark says about Jessica's career. It was established in s2 ep4 Dr. Laura that she served two years as a DA). Nitpicking? Maybe. But when it comes to a show like Shark, I think details are crucial and this definitely was a mess up.moreless
  • Well it was a passable episode worth my time I suppose. Nothing big happened Trevor is serious about cleaning up his

    Well it was a passable episode worth passing the time I suppose. Nothing big happened Trevor is serious about cleaning up his act which disappoints Julie who's used to her party animal boyfriend. The case was not anything special the revolving cast of suspects weren't all that interesting but points for making the bodyguard who fell in love the guilty party. Other than Devalin getting a lot of screen time the episode was just filler to pass the time for me. Pollack was underused as was the jerk political hog Mayor and even Stark was on half pompous ass setting. Well suppose they can't all be ten's the show has to fill in the season with episodes to make their quota.moreless
  • Slow but pivotal

    This wasn't a quick paced episode like the show is known for but you definitely learned a lot about main characters that had been lacking in previous episodes. You found out what put Jess on the map and how important the trial had been to her. Then you find out why she doesn't get along with her boss. He's afraid she is going to take his place and do a better job than he does. Trevor's father meets with Shark and tells Shark to back off of Trevor's life. There is a reason they are letting him fall down. That was about it for the show. All in all it was pretty good.moreless
  • This season isn't as good as last season.

    I've been trying to figure out why Shark (the series, not the character) seems boring so far this season. I love James Woods. The characters are still good. I went back to see if there are different writers or directors this season, but they seem the same (rotating). Everything seems expected, and heavy handed, and the dialog isn't interesting. It seems forced. I still can't get over why the prosecutors are running around investigating the case, but that didn't bother me last season because the rest of the show was so good. I'll give it a couple of more episodes, but something seems missing from last year.moreless
Jacqueline Hahn

Jacqueline Hahn

Judge Kathryn Cavanaugh

Guest Star

Holly Valance

Holly Valance

Christina Shaw

Guest Star

Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian

Kerry Conklin

Guest Star

Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak

D.A. Leo Cutler

Recurring Role

Shaun Sipos

Shaun Sipos

Trevor Boyd

Recurring Role

Ivar Brogger

Ivar Brogger

Judge Kenneth Woodruff

Recurring Role

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    • Leo Cutler: If this thing goes any further south, you're gonna need a compass to find your way back!
      Stark: You know, you don't hear enough inspirational camping analogies anymore, Leo, thanks for that.

    • Leo Cutler: You cut Franco loose? We had a confession.
      Stark: It didn't make any sense.
      Leo Cutler: Yeah, well that's where you and I differ. I don't require lucidity from my psychopaths; if they say they did it, that's good enough for me.

    • Danny: (about Franco) The guy's Houdini with a knife.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Stark: Now he shows up after Franco gets out, and tells her it's time to dust off their "Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner" routine.

      Reference to the movie Bodyguard where Kevin Costner plays a bodyguard who falls in love with the music star he's protecting played by Whitney Houston.

    • Title
      The title of this episode comes from a 1983 song of the same name by the Police, widely believed to be a love song but which Sting has always considered a song about a stalker.