Season 2 Episode 3

Eye Of The Beholder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2007 on CBS
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After the body of a 22-year-old surgically enhanced aspiring actress turns up, the team begins working on identifying and convicting the killer. But the investigation leads to the discovery of one of the worst kind of exploitation there is in this industry: Sebastian's team uncovers that the victim's plastic surgeon was exchanging sex for surgery with her.moreless

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  • Never got going

    A good ending saves this episode from a 6. Even so, you should be able to predict the twist at the end. Dont expect an ko ending though. As plots go this is logically sound, but the subject matter is a tad boring. I guess it would appeal to the LA plastique section. Madeline has a good little cameo when she has to "trap" the prime suspect in a bar. While the rest of the episode is purely an exercise in the established model for Shark. For me, the nature of the crime, the criminals and victims just doesnt bind you. Unfortunately, where I would say that Sharks team would be enough to provide the entertainment, it doesnt. The dynmaic from series one, has gone. This could be one possible sign that the show is in danger (as now proved).

    Not a good episode, but not the worst either.moreless
  • It was a kind of weak episode, but it had some great parts and sure beat For Whom the Skel Rolls.

    To sum the episode up it had some good parts, but the storyline was a little weak.

    I thought they probably could have added a little more suspense and tension with the actual crime. The episode seemed too predictable and kind of obvious. They never really had to chase down any big false leads or anything of that sort. I thought there should have been more character development and more dialogue from the cast, especially Madeline.

    Although I did have one very favorite scene that I loved!

    It was when Madeline was in the bar tricking the one guy into an arrest. That scene was amazing. Especially with the line, "You know what, I think I'll pass. The guys at work would have a field day. DA's office is a real snakepit." I love when the main characters play bait. It's always fun to watch.moreless
  • Yes this one was definitely weak it didn't even fall into the show routine mold. What I mean is usually you can chalk and episode up to another week another show episode but for Shark that usually means good and compelling stories. Imoreless

    Yes this one was definitely weak it didn't even fall into the show routine mold. What I mean is usually you can chalk and episode up to another week another show episode but for Shark that usually means good and compelling stories. I have to say this one was boring and the key points didn't do much. Julie's meeting with Stark boyfriend in tow meh. Stark is willing to give him a chance due to his honesty. The case itself didn't get interesting till the end when it's discovered that the defendant was a serial killer. Sadly we had to sit though the cast going through the motions of an episode for 30 minutes instead of giving us an engaging episode like we're accustomed to.moreless
  • Not the best action packed episode

    So this wasn't the greatest Shark episode of all time but it wasn't terrible. The team comes together to find their killer but all the evidence is thrown out due to a bad search. Then when they think they've found their killer, everything takes a turn and Stark has to go after a new suspect. During trial, the team get sideswiped by the suspects confession on the stand. They must find a way to prove he is lying through his teeth. After the trial, Stark yells at Danny for going after a witness with force, something Stark himself would do. After yelling at him, he tells Jessica that Danny is really good. Then Stark meets Julie's boyfriend and doesn't freak out even though he had a background check done on him and found out that the new beau, Trevor, had done drugs before. It helped that he talked to the Father of the deceased. Not an action filled, edge of your seat ep but it kept you pretty hooked.moreless
  • Well they can't all be great episodes!

    Stark and the gang have a young dead girl on their hands and they realize she's been under the knife a few times. The dead girl's father gets involved and this affects Stark in a big way since he is having a tough time accepting why Julie came back to L.A.

    I think Richard Burgi's acting in this was not his best, and he is a great actor, especially when he's in Desperate Housewives, he just rocks there! As for quotes and quick lines from Stark, not good enough in my opinion. I think Jessica was more in charge in this episode and she's not even the boss anymore. Madelaine undercover was a cool scene.

    The last scene, where Julie gets her father to meet Trevor, Stark, James Woods just overplayed that part a little too much. Hoping for better next week!moreless
Nora Dunn

Nora Dunn

Gretchen Curbow

Guest Star

John de Lancie

John de Lancie

Warren Kovak

Guest Star

Richard Burgi

Richard Burgi

Dr. Neil Fuller

Guest Star

Ivar Brogger

Ivar Brogger

Judge Kenneth Woodruff

Recurring Role

Michael B. Silver

Michael B. Silver

Dan Lauter

Recurring Role

Shaun Sipos

Shaun Sipos

Trevor Boyd

Recurring Role

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    • Danny: I'm the guy who got the evidence to put us over the top. Who went out, found Amanda Sellers down in San Clemente in the middle of the night.
      Stark: Well, don't pull a muscle patting yourself on the back, pal, because that's what you're paid for. And the next time you cut a corner and it blows up in my face, you are off the payroll.
      (Stark and Jessica walk away)
      Jessica: He's good.
      Stark: Outstanding.

    • Danny: So, I heard the good guys won.
      Stark: We need to talk.
      Danny: Forget about it, it was a big case you were stressed out.
      Stark: Is he kidding? Are you kidding?
      Danny: No, I don't need an apology.

    • Jessica: You know, I remember my first jury trial. I was up against a pretty decent attourney. Kind of pompous and arrogant, but he knew how nervous I was. So he called me while the jury was out.
      Stark: Probably wanted to hit on you.
      Jessica: Actually, I think that's the one time you didn't hit on me. You told me, that at the end of the day, you put your best cards on the table, then you put it in the jury's hands and you let it go.
      Stark: If I remember correctly you lost that case.
      Jessica: Not the point.

    • Stark: Let's go over every woman this guy photographed. A bottle of 18-year-old single malt says he's got something to hide.
      Jessica: Make it bordeaux.
      Stark: Done.

    • Madeleine: I have Melissa Kovak's father on the line for you.
      Raina: He probably just wants an update.
      Stark: And I'm supposed to tell him what? That our case is being held together with Elmer's glue and good intentions?

    • (During the plea conference)
      Stark: You're done practicing medicine pal.
      Jessica: Oh, try not to furrow your brow, it adds ten years.

    • Stark: Fuller killed Melissa Kovak to keep her collagen-injected lips sealed.

    • Madeleine: How'd it go?
      Jessica: Oh, I'll tell you as soon as I pull Judge Futamora's foot out of my ass.

    • Madeleine: He figures murder is better than alimony.
      Stark: Can't say the thought has never crossed my mind.

    • Stark: Assuming he's not the charitable type, I gotta figure Fuller's getting something in return for his surgery skills.
      Jessica: Hmm, let's see-what could beautiful women have, that a middle-aged man might want?
      Stark: Sex for surgery. And just like that, mankind sinks to a new low.

    • Danny: This place is incredible.
      Jessica: Is this a doctor's office or a high-end spa?
      Danny: I don't know, but I am buying whatever they're selling.

    • Danny: What does every breast implant have in common?
      Jessica: Besides a man drooling over it?
      Danny: A serial number. The M.E's office recorded the serial numbers on Melissa's implants. The manufacturer says they were sold to a Dr. Niel Fuller in Beverly Hills.
      Jessica: Nice work. And I had you figured for more of an ass man.
      Danny: I don't play favourites.

    • Danny: I had the cops try to track down the victim's surgeon. Bank statements, credit cards, none of her financials link up to any doctors, so I got creative.
      Jessica: Misdemeanor or felony?

    • Garrett Blake: Hey if you ladies ever want to try modeling...
      (Raina chuckles)
      Raina: Yeah, thanks, anyway. But our job's degrading enough.

    • Danny: Why would let someone cut you up just to look hot?
      Jessica: Why are you asking me?

    • Stark: (about Julie's new boyfriend) I reserve the right to kill him at any time.

    • Isaac: Alright, but this is the last time, okay?
      Stark: Absolutely! You know... until something else comes up!

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