Season 1 Episode 6

Fashion Police

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on CBS
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Four Latino women are killed in a garment-factory fire and the police rule it an accident, but Martin leaks false information to the press to force the DA's office to investigate. Sebastian isn't happy about it and says the case can't be won, but he gets pumped up when he learns a rival is defending the fashion company his office is going after. The probe reveals the company supports sweatshops and may be liable for the fire. Also, Julie gets readmitted to school.moreless

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  • One of the best emotional episodes of this great show

    My kind of episode this. The shark standing for the poorest of the community, at least with alot of prodding! :D

    The plot is logical, well woven. Great use of the right actors to portray the dynamic between the industry demi-gods, the factory owners, the exploited workers and the two-faced public who generate the self-fulfiling cycle.

    Woods does his shouting best to jump conviction off one of the demi-gods when he finds that there is a link that he can prove in court. The way the "corrupt" business leaders are shown up makes for great television, even if you wont find it entirely credible, but some resonance is better than none.

    Dialogue reinforces the entire plot, while locations away from the court, the office and Sharks home are limited to outside a factory (probably because one couldnt be found, used or built that was convincingly exploitative) as well as the demi-gods condo.

    Julie's and Starks relationships gets a little cover in the form of a boy who brings her love letters between him and her mother. Nothing about them possibly being step-siblings is mentioned though - which was disappointing. Could have added another dynamic to the relationship!

    A very very good episode. Worth 45 minutes of your time!moreless
  • A well-done (for TV) look at immigrant labor and exploitation within the fashion industry.

    After a shaky rape story, "Shark" rebounds nicely with this episode about a fire in a garment factory that kills four workers. When Stark reluctantly tries to prosecute the factory owner, he find there may be a bigger fish to fry - namely, a Tommy Hilfigger-esque fashion magnate played by Diedrich Bader (Oswald of "The Drew Carey Show!")

    Usually, I loathe the supporting A.D.A.s, but Alexis Cruz shines in his first major episode. His passion about finding justice for the victims is genuine, and he goes through a nice arc from inexperienced and gunshy to commanding in the courtroom. The case itself was interesting, and more than a little gray, which is so rare on prime-time TV. Are the women who work in these factories slaves? Since they're paid and can choose to leave? It was a thorny issue that I was happy to see explored, even if it was only in a 45 minute format.

    The Julie-plagiarism storyline FINALLY seems to be over. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't stand it, and I had no sympathy for her.

    Nice to see Zeljko Ivanek return as Dasher. He and James Woods make for nice foils to play against one another.

    A good bounce back from an abysmal episode, "Shark" proves that it can handle tough, sensitive issues without bashing you over the head with a PC hammer.moreless
  • Best episode so far in my book, and a great quote: "we care more about the products they produce than the people who make them".

    I've taken a while to warm to Shark, and I've now got pretty much the whole of season one archived for summer viewing. With this episode though I felt it lifted itself out of the forumlaic and moved into new territory. The ethical questions asked here have stuck with me several days after first viewing, and the usual Shark formula was less irritating than earlier episodes. Woods continutes to excel and the supporting cast are fleshing out nicely. Shame about Jeri Ryan's somewhat wooden delivery - she'll always sound like Seven of Nine to me - but things are developing nicely with this show and I hope they continue to evolve things further through the first season.moreless
  • Not my best choise for a plot

    this is not one of my favorite topics for an episode. I think that his type of material even if is so real as we know has to be handle very gentle. I think that he aproche of the wirters of having a latino lawyer doing the prosecution was the wrong one, since it shows us that the courts are handle on a figure base or the impresion they get. I think also that this type of material goes much depper that this episode shows us.moreless
  • Whoa....i can't believe it, we finally get to see Martin man up!!!

    This episode was nothing else but revealing! I mean it was completely revealing!

    Whoa...i'm still in shock by how much is revealed!

    I mean, wow!!! We finally get to see Martin man up...well not really, but pretty close!

    I so didn't know he had it in him...i mean he acted like a 'man' on a mission...a mission for justice!

    I'm almost convinced that he is a in a 'man'.

    I think i'm going to be fully convinced when they actually show him with a woman...doing 'it'!

    But this episode definitely revealed a side to him, ididn't know existed!moreless
Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Elliott Dasher

Guest Star

Michael Raynor

Michael Raynor

Joe Bertelsen

Guest Star

Tim Lounibos

Tim Lounibos

Benny Hong

Guest Star

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Mayor Manuel Delgado

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Stark: (referring to the journalist) Did you sleep with her?
      (Martin gives him a bothered look)
      Madeleine: You gave us a tough case, I think it's a fair question.
      Martin: It was a one-time thing...
      Casey: Damn!
      Stark: Yes, I told you he was straight.
      (pulls money from Casey's hand)

    • Martin: Don't walk away...
      Stark (walking back to Martin): Okay... give me one good reason why I should lift one finger to help you.
      Martin: I'll give you four (names the victims of the fire)

    • Martin: So, does this mean I am not fired?
      Stark: (pauses) Not today.

    • Stark: You're the best young lawyer in this office.
      Martin: Really?
      Stark: Of course not! You're Hispanic, genius.

    • Elliott Dasher: Do we seriously have to listen to this nonsense?
      Judge Howard: The County pays me to listen to nonsense all day, you might as well join me.

    • Stark: Did you see my head nod up and down vertically when they offered five years? That means TAKE IT.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Stark: Do you want to fight windmills? Find a donkey.

      "Windmills" is a metaphorical song from the album Dulcinea of the Toad the Wet Sprocket, about how people spend much of their lives chasing absurd or impossible pursuits (the allusion being to a specific scene in Don Quixote where the title character uselessly attacks a windmill).