Season 2 Episode 2

For Whom The Skel Rolls

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2007 on CBS
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Isaac's life goes under scrutiny after the closed case of his fiancée's murder is re-opened and Sebastian's team will be conducting the investigation for the DA's office. The relationship between Raina and Isaac gets more complicated because Raina cannot reveal she is working on this case.

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  • Brave attempt to show Isaac's past

    Not a bad episode, but not the best. The plot premise is not groundbreaking, its been done before. Its style isnt new either! What made it interesting for me and will for you are the characters involved esp. Isaac. Id actually like his character and wish that the show would demonstrate more of the shady work he "would" get up to in the background, more roughing up unco-op witnesses and the like. Stuff that Shark would perhaps have used as a def attorney, but not now. As for the episode, its a run of the mill story of revenge for Isaac, while for Stark its one of bringing the right culprit to justice.

    Unfortunately the execution of screenplay leaves alot to be desired. Locations are stuck around the DAs office and the courtroom.

    Another good point is Isaacs relationship with Rainia Troy. Her character has come on this season and I hope that continues.

    The first act will hook you, but the middle act will probably lose you. If you remain for the third act, then youll get a very passable ending that has a fairly nice twist at the end, that sidesteps the fairly obvious ending that youd expect a hellbent lover/partner to carry out - ie. revenge. Dont fall for it - or rather do and youll feel an iota of satisfaction at the surprise.

    This episode is far from the best outing, but just about a good bet to watch!moreless
  • I was sad that this episode had to follow the great season opener!

    I did not like this episode very much at all. I don't care for Isaac's character all that much, so that probably has something to do my disliking of the episode. It just kind of dragged on for me, nothing really special happened. It was all just blah blah blah for me.

    The acting for the guest characters was not very good in my opinion.

    The episode wasn't all bad though. I thought Raina's acting was very good and I liked how they set up the sleeze-ball in the end.

    I also liked how Jessica was very strict with Raina at times. You could really see Jessica's DA and politician side come out.moreless
  • All for the sake of politics!

    Shark is forced to investigate Isaac. As the case is re-opened into the death of his fiance. It really made you feel for Isaac as Shark didn't want to do this to him. But felt he had no other choice. Thanks to the new DA, whom really you can't help but not like at all. Julie is a you know what and she is only doing this to make people like Isaac feel bad and only herself feel good. As Shark doesn't like her as you can really tell. Still, the show was really good. Despite the storyline. Shows how well people like the DA's office will do to prosecute and investigate people they think that are on the same side. All for politics!moreless
  • This was Issac's episode primarily focusing on the murder of his wife and his redemption from the hurt of it. Very good episode couldn't believe a sleezy actors lawyer. Would have amoreless

    This was Issac's episode primarily focusing on the murder of his wife and his redemption from the hurt of it. Very good episode couldn't believe a sleezy actors lawyer. Would have a woman killed to keep his meal ticket. Also Issac and Reina further solidified they're relationship and Julie revealed her true colors to Stark. I swear that girl is there to be hated as with the new DA who is toned down but still a bit too much. Not a bad episode but not the best either it's job was to bring closure to Issac's past and open up his future.moreless
Kurt Fuller

Kurt Fuller

Ben Bentley

Guest Star

Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph

Detective Akins

Guest Star

Paul Ben-Victor

Paul Ben-Victor

Ricky Rago

Guest Star

Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak

D.A. Leo Cutler

Recurring Role

Denise Dowse

Denise Dowse

Judge Jane Briar

Recurring Role

Shaun Sipos

Shaun Sipos

Trevor Boyd

Recurring Role

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    • Stark: Ricky Rago said that he rented a paddle boat, and dumped the knife his brother used to kill Olivia.
      Jessica: You believe him?
      Stark: Would you admit to renting a paddle boat if you didn't have to?

    • Danny: In my experience, murderers never forget the details.
      Madeleine: Unless they are lying through their teeth.

    • Stark: (during trial prep) And when you walked into your living room, what did you see?
      Issac: My fiancée, Olivia, on the couch.
      Stark: What was her condition?
      Issac: She was dead.
      Stark: Look, I know I told you to control yourself, but you sound like you're reading a grocery list.

    • Jessica: Apparently bad news travels fast. Sudden schedule change on Tom Brandt's movie. He's flying later today to Morocco on the studio jet.
      Stark: He's makin' a run for it. Talk about a cliché.
      Jessica: Sebastian, until we find out who that came from, that file is still inadmissible.
      Stark: Details.

    • Jessica: We still need a motive.
      Danny: Maybe he spilled something during a therapy session with the victim.
      Madeleine: It's too bad you don't have a password for Brandt's patient file at Moonrise.
      Jessica: I'll draft a subpoena.
      Danny: Judge'll never go for it.
      Jessica: Call me old-fashioned, but I like to obtain my evidence legally.
      Danny: Knock yourself out.

    • Madeleine: The largest deposit she'd ever made was $413.51.
      Jessica: How did we access the bank records?
      Madeleine: Danny gave me the password.
      Danny: Figured we should see them first. We can always get a subpoena later.
      Jessica: When this is over you and I are gonna sit down and go over the fourth Amendment.

    • Raina: You humiliate me in front of my colleagues for being with Issac, but you're happy to exploit the relationship when it's convenient for you?
      Stark: Well, in a nut shell, yeah.

    • Jessica:Before that, he worked as a stunt man. Doubled for Tom Brandt a few times.
      Stark: You mean they don't do that stuff themselves?

    • Danny:You wanna hire me?
      Stark: No, I just want to see if you can go 48 hours without landing in jail again.

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