Season 2 Episode 1

Gangster Movies

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • A good start for the new season

    I rarely felt this episode get past gear 3! When it did, it was mostly due to the subject matter of Russian mafia and the collateral killings and threat that occurred around the investigation of the original hit. That scene was excellently done, just not as spectacular as other exploding buses though.

    However, the show has returned with a top quality episode which flows in a fast paced mood, seen in previous high quality episodes. Didnt like the way Sam Page has been written out - hope he returns at some point.

    Plot was focused enough to feel logical. Dialogue was its usual level of above average.

    My only concern is that there doesnt seem to be any more character development of the central characters going on. To be fair, its the first episode and with Jessica now on the team (goodie), perhaps we will begin to see relationship dynamics shift and change, also with the Reyes.

    My only concern is that we dont seem to be seeing enough courtroom drama or cop show. Personally, I hope that most episodes will be prominent in either but not try to accomodate both as in Law and Order. It just dilutes the impact on storylines.

    A good start, but I want to see this ratchet up another few notches.
  • What a way to start off the new season!

    This was a great episode! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that Jessica is back and here to stay. This episode had a lot of favorite scenes for me. I loved at the beginning where Jessica and Stark are talking on the phone, I loved whenever they are talking when going from place to place like the line, "You smell nice." "Shut up."

    My other favorite scene was when Jessica was talking to Cutler in his office. I loved the way she threatened him. It was amazing! I also like the car chase scene. It was a nice touch to the episode. We definitely have not seen the last of Andre Zatofsky.
  • Shark is back with new team members and new cases.

    This episode was disappointing for a few reasons. First, Casey's gone. Being a Casey/Madeleine shipper, that sucks big time. Second, the new guy, Danny Reyes. His fuse is a little too short for my taste...I'm used to Shark being the only guy getting angry like that. Heck, Shark gets angry only when necessary, he doesn't go around with his gun half-cocked all the time. I think it's going to take a while for me to get used to him.

    Third, the new DA. He looks like a jerk. Jessica Devlin was way better (she looked better too).

    Now for the pros of the episode. As much as I want Jessica Devlin back as the DA, I'd like to think her losing the elections is a good thing. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be joining Shark's team, and we wouldn't be able to see her in action in the court room. I agree with Shark, she's born to be a prosecutor instead of signing papers and whatnot.

    James Woods is brilliant as usual.

    Arnold Vosloo is a very effective villain. I think this has something to do with his role as Imhotep (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns), but I'm looking forward to seeing more of his character. Maybe TPTB would make him this season's "arch-enemy".

    All in all, I love James Woods, Jeri Ryan and Arnold Vosloo, but this was a weak season premiere. The season better pick up.
  • Disappointing for a number of reasons, this second season opener has set a rather low bar for the producers of Shark to clamber over as they roll out the rest of the season.

    The variety of slimy characters that are starting to populate the screen are what bothered me most about this episode. Stark comes off looking almost angelic against the slimy new DA and the brash young Reyes character. Part of the appeal of the first season was that "Shark" really was the predator in the water, the guy who was willing to go farther and push limits that no one else was willing to push.

    Now it seems that Stark is just one of many man-eating creatures out there. I am also a little disappointed in the way they reintroduced Julie. She has become a bit of a conniving brat, as opposed to the truly loving and loyal daughter to whom we were originally introduced.

    All-in-all, I think they better get back to the basics of Stark juggling personal and professional challenges while still coming off as the baddest of the bad-ass lawyers on the "good" side of the system.
  • On the wrong track - need to get back to more substatial scripts. The season premiere of Shark was unwatchable. Much of the hour was spent with the cast quickly reciting expository dialog to explain a tired unoriginal storyline.

    The season premiere of Shark was unwatchable. It's like someone sat down with the producers and said, "Let's throw in some explosions and a car chase - that's the ticket." Much of the hour was spent with the cast quickly reciting expository dialog to explain a tired unoriginal storyline. Woods shows up almost as a cameo character for some even worse dialog. Stylistically they're trying to amp up the show. But in the end, bad story, worse dialog. Hope they recover. I'm a fan of this show and beleive it can do better. They just need to put more time into the scripts and less into a mostly derivative style. And James Woods needs to be on screen as much as possible.
  • Well Stark is back with the same format we know and love. The surviving members of the team Stark, Reina, Poe, and Issac are joined by DA Reyes the firery new guy. With typical flash this episode right before the cut to commercial features a witness tr

    Well Stark is back with the same format we know and love. The surviving members of the team Stark, Reina, Poe, and Issac are joined by DA Reyes the firery new guy. With typical flash this episode right before the cut to commercial features a witness transport bus being blown up. After coming up short Stark now joined by ex DA Devilian and her contact from Organized Crime Reyes go after the head of the Russian mob. Reyes who they tried to hard to make the firery new guy and is saddled with the tv cliche of the mysterious past. Is already made his way into not being a fan favorite. I have to admit so far Reyes hasn't wowed me with acting skills he's better suited to being the killer on CSI Miami than a leading character on Stark. Although i'm still in it for Woods and the original team and with the return of Julie. Stark will have not only professional problems but ones at home. Stark isn't changing the face of television with this season opener but if you like the show or your curious you'll see the same writing and acting that us fans have stood behind since the pilot episode.
  • Shark is back and while some situations have changed, the transition was smooth and well done!

    I always worry when cast changes hit a show so early but I was pleased with the way things played out with the first episode this season. The change over to the new DA was fairly smooth and while I love Kevin Pollack, his new character is a little one-note so far but I look forward to his portrayal of the character growing as the season progresses. I didn't hate the new guy on first impression and that's always a good thing. I enjoyed the guest stars, Arnold Vosloo in particular, what a great cast as a russian mobster and the storyline. It held me with its mysterious turns and leaves everything open for a further tangle with the russian mobster later in the series. I also found it intersting that Stark's daughter seems to have come back for other reason's that her father and I can't wait to see what will unfold next in the story. Looking forward to a second great season!
  • James Woods IS Shark!

    The second season opens literally with a big bang and
    That James Woods indeed is Shark as the role fits
    Him very well. As Shark must have a witness, his first
    Testify against the Russian mafia. Only to have him along with two others exploding.
    Now the DA is worried about the second witness life
    So he gets a brash, cocky new DA. Whom I couldn't stand but hopefully he will grow on me and the viewers in time.
    The second witness gets stabbed and the big boss goes free. It seems like all is lost right?
    But no, leave it to Shark to come on through despite those obstacles.
  • This episode has classic Shark written all over it. Glad this show is back for another season, and with more to come hopefully.

    James Woods is back for season 2 and I for one am glad because this season looks like its going to be better then the first, if that is possible. The first episode of season 2 had a great and solid storyline, the return of classic characters – except for one, addition of new characters, and even the common twist that is always in this show – nothing is what it seems even if we know what is going to happen. These are why we watched this show since the beginning. The storyline was a complex one but it seems like it has been done before, but oh well. A killer is hired to kill a husband and wife for the Russian Mafia and after Stark's first witness fails to testify he and along with 2 others are blown up when their bus explodes. Back to square one Stark must fine a new witness in order to prove guilt to the accused but it goes down from there with the boss of the ordeal taking every chance possible not to get caught. The witness is found and the accession is made but before he can testify against the main boss he is stabbed and thus the main boss goes free, for now but it sets the mood for future storylines. While dealing with the trial Stark has a bit of abandonment with Julie off in New York but the ending proves that false with her returning home, but something is definitely not what it seems but only future episodes can prove anything. Now the only thing I didn't like in this episode was the addition of the new guy on Stark's team but in time he will be like one of the rest. I really liked this episode for many a reasons so I give this episode a very nice 8.7 out of 10.
  • this episode is an okay.

    this episode turns out to be all right. It was very shame when this young bloke in the first episode of the second season got killed off, I just wish that he just tell the jury that he saw this bloke that killed two people, but turns out that andre forces him to killed them and got the money for the sport!!

    I don't like the way this episode went off, it is kinda turns off, but okay.

    Still, I love of seeing Jessica step in to make the case and find another witness. This witness was so worried about her children and herself too, I almost felt so bad for her, but she is so brave to confront this situation.

    At least, that got Mr. Markham sent off to jail for very, very long time.

    But, they've failed to bring Andre down. They should have after him like wild animals until Andre is caught and stay off the street for good.

    Almost end of this episode, I was so glad to know that Jessica hold her promise to protect this witness and send her somewhere safe with her children.

    I hope that I will see Andre caught in the future episodes to comes!!