Season 2 Episode 14

Leaving Las Vegas

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • What goes on in Vegas, doesn't stay there... at least for Stark.

    With the state attorny reneging on the deal to get Stark back. Our intrepid ex-ADA goes to Vegas. Its not too long thereafter, that 'another' old acquaintence (with a dubious past) corners Stark and gives him an ultimatum - get him off a charge or else. The incentive... threats, plus lots of cash. Given Seb's money issues he accepts.

    So starts one last look at Stark in action of what could have been if he'd gone to work as a defence attoney again. Adding his newfound chivalry and morality. Giving the team redundacy notice, provides a realistic reason for them to turn up to aid their mentor in this escapade. As for the screenplay, this is more of an mystery plot type in the vein of CSI. Stark and crew must decipher who is the guilty party is, always with the spectre of his employ and the person charged - actually being the guilty party.

    Its mainly pedestrian fare, as Stark and the team go through leads and come to dead ends. The threats to Stark aren't anything new. Our anti-hero has to fight off, the mounting threats from his client. His ex-employer's (Cutler's) sabotaging, Reina and the others attempts at helping him. Its only until a potential witness is found does the level of intenisty really rise. Confusion is also added when when Stark's client's son admits to the crime on TV. The episode's journey reaches its expected ending though, with Stark having to brandish a trump card to win the day.... but will it be enough?

    A decent story. Not as good as the last couple of episodes, but we can forgive that seeing as this is the penultimate episode. I guess they were saving the twists and turns for the grand finale!