Season 1 Episode 8

Love Triangle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • The one-and-only lousy episode of SHARK. Cannot believe it was ever produced, much less aired. Plot with great potential, actors of great skill, all 'wasted' due to a pathetically feeble script and ill-advised directorial pacing. Big scary letdown!

    Having admired, enjoyed and raved about every episode of the series until \"Love Triangle\" hit the airwaves, I was in shock by the halfway mark over just how horrible this script was. In fact, at first it seemed they might be doing a soap spoof, but the writing and pacing were far too poor even for that. My bafflement turned into incredulity and then into anger! The adult actors, usually absolutely brilliant, mostly walked through their scenes, and no wonder. Before the hour ended, I was on the phone to another rabid SHARK fan who greeted me with, \"I KNOW!! Are you watching this !*#! too? Isn\'t it pathetic? What\'s up with this?!!\" Three weeks later, we are still marveling over the puerile, trite and tacky script re a storyline that COULD have been handled with Sharkian skill and originality. The actors deserve much praise for their efforts with material that weak. We now theorize that someone\'s less than talented kid wrote this episode and a parent got it produced for some sorry reason. Sure hope nothing so awful as \"Love Triangle\" turns up anywhere on telly again for years! Hooray that subsequent episodes of SHARK are re:earning our respect and loyalty. I hope this entertaining drama has a long, long QUALITY lifespan.