Season 2 Episode 15

One Hit Wonder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • Top 40, not Top of the Pops!


    One of those episode that would equate to a filler if the show had gone on. The story is set in the world of the music industry. Bringing together several well know images such as; aspiring young artist, short tragic life, money grabbing company exec's, pressures of (women) working in the music industry. Especially from the pov of executives.
    It combines these with themes of sexual harrassment, obsession, betrayal and manipulation to tell its story.

    The plot is fairly ordinary, only made interesting by Reyes' personal involvement and a very sly and manipulative protaganist with a major personality disorder. If it weren't for these two dynamics, it would have been a very average episode.

    I found the screenplay slow and unexciting for the first half of the show. But it hotted up when Reyes' finds out he has been manipulated, and is out of his depth. This leads to a better 2nd half, when Stark has to fight to save the case from a myriad of issues - mainly due to Reyes' personal involvement and his manipulation. Loved when the judge demands Reyes be fired.... Deja vu I guess - that the show was ending. Maybe that affected his acting, which I never felt was on a par with the other. Then again, new character. But by showing his weaknessness in this episode, he could have gone on to be a stronger personality.

    A fair number of scenes are used to point us in the wrong direction and even feel sorry for the actual killer. These worked well to setup the edge for the final act of the show. So as it was, the courtroom drama finished on a slight high. Stark (the show) doesn't do arousing/erotic scenes too much. There are a couple between Reyes and the protaganist. Nothing heavy, but I guess it could have been a last ditch attempt to heat up the on-screen action. But it just isnt why I watch this show. I watch it for Woods and he wasn't in it as much as he should have been.

    Overall not on a par with a lot of the episodes from the last few weeks, but at least the hook at the very end involving Julie will mean you watch the final episode with intrigue.