Season 2 Episode 12

Partners in Crime

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on CBS

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  • The past returns to haunt the Shark

    Finally, Stark's past returns to haunt
    his present. Events that occur throughout this episode lead to one overriding decision that he must make - will he come clean about his murky past?

    A great first act is beautifully framed by the artistic flashback of illegal events past. Events return to the present with a bang, as one of Stark's ex-partner's is shot during a drive-by. Poignent words from the victim hint at what is about to transpire - "Everybody is guilty of something."

    As the story moves into the the middle act, an interesting dynamic is set up as the team investigate on their own w/o their enigmatic boss time. The middle act is full of the standard investigation of possible suspects, their motives, alibi's, oppotunity and such. These are above average than your usual shark episode. Yet, as the obvious motives are crossed off, and the team make inroads on who pulled the trigger, the true players of this story come into play. A hitman, old and new members of Stark's old firm and a major criminal who Stark defended, are all involved and all are keeping their mouth's shut leading Stark to a conclusion he really doesnt want to make. In the background the memory of the innocent girl who's crime against he covered up and her mother, who had to face her disappearance w/o knowing what really happened to her child.

    This episode is full of intrigue as Stark battles against memories of his past, against his team, against the system he faces retribution for and most importantly against his nature to survive and win.

    It is the context of this no-win-situation that he finds himself in that makes this episode extra-special and in my view gives Woods' character that certain je ne sais quoi, that other legal drama leads dont have. Does he have morals? Has he really changed? Will he do the right thing - even if it means the worst possible thing for him?

    If there is one episode you need to watch of this show, Id say this one is pretty much it - so far -

    I just loved it to bits. It represents the pinnacle of the show.
  • In this episode we find out a really sad truth about Starks past.

    OMG! I cannot believe that Stark would do something like that I mean he practically lost his job in the end but we don't know for sure. I can't take it I have to know what happens! If he looses his job there won't be anymore Shark ever! What a disaster! Next season I bet he will loose his job and his team will try to get him back (THEY MUST!) That will last for probably two episodes and then he will be back (HOPEFULLY) If they don't get him back it will be extremely bad and they will loose a lot of viewers. I hope they keep Stark even though he did that one bad thing in his life ever since he has been trying to help people in a good way!
  • Was this a series finale, i.e. how can the series continue if Shark is disbarred?

    This episode was excellent as it really brought Shark's past into play, especially requiring him ultimately to "do the right thing". AS in the other episodes he plays his character to the maximum and brings all of the other players in as well. The question is- how is he not going to be disbarred (after all he did help to cover up a murder)? And, if he is eventually disbarred, how can the show continue? Atferall, even considering all of the other iterations dealing with everything from his current practice, his old cases, his wife, daughter, her boyfriends, etc., a disbarred district attorney just would not work.
  • Feels more like a season finale but very good drama.

    It's nice to delve more into Sebastian's past when he was such a scumbag and how it shaped him today. Having him face up to that front and center was a plot long overdue and I enjoyed the various reactions his team had to him covering up a murder and his desire to see justice done now. Casting Peter Gallagher as his former partner was clever as the chemistry between him and Woods was good. How they got Sebastian to testify was a clever twist and Pollak's reaction was a nice surprise. But the ending of Sebastian facing disbarrment is a cliffhanger one thinks would have been better for a season finale. But still, a good ep all around.