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  • A use your brain series

    I really enjoyed the show because it made you think as well as be entertained. And just when most of us were really locked into the characters and the content, some jerk pulls the series. Here it is 2012 and I still think of it coming back with the same actors, story lines, LA locations, drama, love connections, etc. I do see some of the actors appearing on other shows now but they do have a role in this series. Is there any possible chance that you will dust it off and bring it back to the thinking audience? Bruce Courter, Paso Robles, CA
  • Shark

    I recently started watching this show because I got taken by the first episode. Then I go look it up and it's gone. What happened??? I mean this show it's great, has an excellent cast starring with James Woods I mean can it get any better and its script it's perfect. Every episode keeps you wanting more and it's exactly what we get. My personal opinion is it has big mix between the awesome cases of CSI and kind of the funny vibe of House and its students going the way up and of course the weird relationship between Jessica and Shark. Can't believe this show was cancelled what were they thinking at that time, can't be more disappointed by the judgment of the people that run CBS. I just hope they bring it back because right now these are the kind of shows that make you watch TV.
  • A brilliant show with an ensemble of amazing cast.

    At the heart of it all, James Woods. always the actor who brings his character to life. he was always the actor whom I have came to synonym the phrase, "NEED I SAY MORE?" As Stark he was his usual fast talking bad guy image, whenever he walked into the court room i could just hear Bad To The Bones playing in my head. but his character was only whole because of the brilliant cast that surrounded him. His daughter, played brilliantly by the beautiful Danielle Panabaker and his Team. This show is truly amazing and will have you sitting upright on your chair on every episode. The twist and plots are amazing. too bad it had to end.
  • Funny.

    I don't think this was a bad show. I just thought it was very unoriginal and predictable. I mean, when it first came out, I was wondering why television needed another crime/lawyer drama. I thought the acting was okay, but I got sick of the snarky character of James Woods. I never was a fan of his, and when he was the lead, I didn't pay much attention. One thing that I thought needed improvement was the storylines. Other than that, it was just average. Overall, it was just an average show that failed to impress enough viewers to watch. Thank you.
  • Bring this show back! and give it more attention it deserves!

    I love this show!! A show with real substance yet entertaining! Stark's character is just superb. And his relationship with his daughter gives the "refreshing" look in the show's storyline. But just the character of Stark himself already makes the storyline unique.

    James Woods is perfect in this show. As if it was written for him. And he just gives an outstanding performance every episode. And the rest of the cast compliments each other and gives good performances as well. I don't understand why the substantial shows like this one get booted early while those stupid shows stay longer? It's rare to see substantial shows stay for how many years. Networks should pay attention to ALL of their shows.
  • Great show with a great ensemble cast and for the most part never gave me a groaning tv moment. The cast was superb with James Woods at the helm but you'd expect

    Great show with a great ensemble cast and for the most part never gave me a groaning tv moment. The cast was superb with James Woods at the helm but you'd expect nothing less. Jeri Ryan was the next and only other acting veteran in the main cast. These two power houses brought intense passion and tension to the show that was always a joy to watch. It was really amazing how the standard bad guy redemption story was made so fresh by the actors and stories. It's really a shame that such a good show had to die due to the writers strike. Exceptions should be made for such well done shows.
  • SHARK Bring it back!

    Okay, I may be a little late in the game to post something about SHARK; however, I just found this place to post. I doubt anyone is listening anyway. I LOVED the show. It had great writing and acting all around. What is wrong with the people who decided to cancel this show? There are sooo many other shows they could get rid of. Why take this show off the air? What, do we need another reality show? Enough already. Bring it BACK! Listen to what the views want to see. BRING SHARK BACK!
  • Refreshingly different

    Not your usual episode format for this show. Thankly in terms of this seasons offerings. Just to see Shark out of his "natural waters" in Mexico is worth the watch.

    The overriding theme of the episode is clear by the title, but its Shark's manipulation of the situation on two counts that provide the eyebrow raising scenes by first using the trial by absentia rule to his benefit and then, turning the tables on the legal beauracracy and know how it would be counted to get the result that he wanted.

    His brief trip to Mexico with the unremarkable Reyes character is the highlight of the story for me. At last we get some decent usage out of the forlorn Reyes character.

    Overall, a fun episode that does spark into life, despite an unfortunate lack of urgency throughout. Again I would say that the plot of this case also fails to flatter, and I came away with the feeling that other than to showcase this element of law there was not much in the way of adhesive to keep me watching. Though there was some character development, maybe enough to entertain you more than for me!
  • What is with the network boys? Did soemone fall off their skateboard on the way to work? This role and series was MADE for James Woods and he compliments the character to a tee each episode!Lose some of the other LOSER shows and get Shark Back.

    Shark was one of the better shows on this network. James Woods has always been an outstanding actor, and even the character you gave him proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt! Shark gave hope to the underdogs of the world and even though he may use questionable ways to reach the end means, he is the hero that this nation needs. With fewer and fewer heroes for people to look up to, no wonder our society is failing! Lose the attitude from the 80's & 90's,the recreational suppliments and your childish high and mighty attitudes and do the right thing. Bring Shark back, if James Woods will accept your appology and new contract? There are enough useless shows on TV, you had a winner and you and your pea brainers decided to discontinue it. This clearly shows your inability to hold your position with the network. With moves like this, I think the only cancelation that should be at work here, is your contract and future with the network! Save your Career, bring Woods and Shark back. You won't regret it!
  • Really liked the show, I give it 10 out of 10...

    Please don't take this show off the air. James Woods is brilliant with his off the cuff remarks. The whole cast is excellent. I think the writers have done a great job with balancing action, drama, and just the right element of humor. The storyline with his daughter was just getting interesting. The energy the show posessed was amazing and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Fresh and unique, I'm sorry to see it end. I'm also quite surprised. A show of this quality I would have thought would be around a while. Please give it another chance!
  • My husband and I absolutely love the show. The writer is amazing as well as the cast. We were highly disappointed to hear that the show was cancelled. We think you should bring it back for another season to see how it goes!

    The show SHARK is outstanding...I can't rate it high enough.
    It is one of the best show's out there right now. It's the best I have seen in many years. It keeps you guessing and is exciting. The writer's and the Producer's are amazing. Of all of the episodes, I couldn't tell you my favorite. All of the shows were great, never boring. James woods is an outstanding Actor as well as the rest of the Cast. To end the show right now is a mistake. The story lines are great, so therefore I don't get why is was cancelled. This cancellation needs to be re-thought.
  • Fast, Intelligent, and twists and turns every minute

    Finally We "had" a legal drama where the audience needed a little intelligence to follow the plot. James Woods plays Sebastian Stark a once powerful defense attorney who after seeing the terrible consequences of helping his clients escape murder charges decides to work for LA high profile crime unit. Stark now faces and convicts his former "associates". I think that casting James Woods for the lead role was an excellent choice. He is a great actor who did an outstanding job on this show. Each episode has several plot twists that keep viewers on the edge for the entire duration. Stark's hardworking zero tolerance attitude helps show the passion of his job and the desire to succeed. It is a terrible shame that CBS canceled Shark. They finally had a decent show and the so poorly handled it. I don't know about the rest of you but i am a little sick of CSI and Survivor. Finally CBS had competent show and they let it die. Because of Shark's cancellation i really have no reason to even watch CBS. After all the NY Giants play on fox.
  • Why is this over????

    I wrote already in a couple of episodes from this great show and I was really disappointed to see that the show is over. I mean, I don't understand why, as usual in this quick unexplained ends. It was a show with so much potential to keep on going. There's so many shows way worse than Shark and they just keep going and excruciating people and the good ones they end them....
    Anyway... I guess there's nothing we can do to bring it back, so we just have to remember the good episodes and wait for some new shows to replace this empty place!!!

    Great show though!!!
  • Sebastian Stark is the attorney of the series, he is ruthless, determined and definately the lawyer that you want on your side. Stark is the Shark of the legal world.

    Stark is definately the lawyer you must have on your side, as he is the type that believes that a trial is war, truth is relative and that in a jury trial there are only 12 opinions that count, so he plays on all of these aspects to make sure that he is victorious.
    He has a definate persona about him, one of confidence, he knows what he wants and knows how to get it, although he comes across as a self-centred egotistical SOB, there is a warm and compassionate side to him, a side that includes a moral guideline and a sense of justice, although these last aspects are really knew to him, it must have been something that grew into him, rather than the other way around.

    We see him as the all winning, all conquering, walk on water defendant lawyer of the rich, infamous and guilty, who has a massive change of heart and goes and changes sides, to that of a public prosecutor for the DA. The series revolves around him and his team, they concentrate on the high profile crimes in LA.

    SHARK is by far the best show I've seen on TV. James Woods is an outstanding actor and adds such drama to his series. I especially love the little "asides" he does ie: in Las Vegas when the girl puts the grape in his mouth and he turns his head and says "I love Vegas" His looks, gestures, barbs are perfectly timed. His character has different dimensions as well. The confident, cocky Attorney countered by the softer, often confused, Father. It is difficult to pick a favorite show but both airings of the soft spoken serial killer have been riveting.
  • This is a courtroom drama starring James Woods as the charismatic lawyer Sebastian Stark. He begins the show as a ruthless defender of LA's rich, and then ends up heading a team that prosecutes the people he used to defend.

    The first time that I ever saw this show I was surprised that I liked it. I'm not normally a fan of courtroom dramas. The reason that I took a liking to this show was James Woods' brilliance in portraying Sebastian Stark. It is just a pity the rest of the cast (except Jerry Ryan) didn't perform to the same standards. This is shown by two of the main characters (Sam Page and Alexis Cruz) leaving. Overall this show had the basis for a great show; it had a charismatic leading man, good back-story. The problem was in some of the shows predictable plot lines. By the end of an episode I was never left with a feeling of disbelief, almost every episode was a little too predictable. I think with a little fine-tuning this could have been a great show.
  • Shark is one of the most charismatic, extremely confident lawyers, there is, but it has got him where he is today. We would be far ahead in our legal system, with a lawyer like him. If I needed a good lawyer, Shark is who I would call.

    Shark is one of the best legal dramas on T.V. It is smart, and quick, and not too far fetched. Sebastian is such a dynamic character, and James Woods does a fantastic job at bringing out his character to its' fullest potential. He is NO nonsense lawyer, and will be ruthless and cut throat, but he is a man of integrity. He knows what he wants, and will be a fighter until the end. The entire legal team and cast blends so well, and the court room scenes are impeccable, witty, and keeps the viewer engaged. I appreciate that the show is not glossy, and superficial.
  • Shark is a good show, kept interesting by the dynamic James Woods, however I am increasingly annoyed by the certain things listed in the review.

    Why is Shark's daughter traipsing around in a little short school skirt. Tacky, and she sure doesn't look like a teenager. She also looks too serious all the time. Make that flat and lifeless. Can't the character have a little personality?

    Why do you have the women all straight as a stick and strutting? There are many scenes where they are four abreast and the women undulating. The only women who move like that are professional street walkers! If you think it makes them look professional and confident you are sadly mistaken. They are laughable.

    Why does Shark put up with the insulting sneers and remarks from his staff?
  • I like this show.

    This is another one of those court and law shows that I like to watch every so often. I am not a big fan of this show, or any other law shows, as a matter of fact, but I still watch the occasional episode here and there.

    It is an all right show, but I think that it needs something special added in on it, in order for it to appeal to more people than it already does.

    I will continue to watch this show, but I would become more addicted to it if they added something new or exciting to it.
  • Without Woods, "Shark" wouldn't swim.

    Courtroom dramas (save for "Law & Order") are usually not my cup of tea, but I am enough of a James Woods fan to have added the show to my Blockbuster Online queue. While I am glad that I did, it's clear that without Mr. Woods and his riveting performance as Sebastian Stark, this would just be another legal eagle drama that might be headed for the round file.

    The concept is very good, I will give writer/creator Ian Biederman credit. The idea of a celebrity defense attorney switching sides (imagine Johnny Cochran PROSECUTING O.J. Simpson!) is intriguing, especially when he has made a career out of destroying the District Attorney's office. And the stakes get even higher when he continues to use his bag of questionable legal tricks to make sure the rich and famous go down for their crimes.

    Of course, Stark cannot be amoral or wholly unlikeable, so he has a daughter (well played by Danielle Panabaker) and their home life has so far avoided cliches and trappings of an absentee father trying to reconnect with his daughter. It's a refreshing relationship, since both characters treat one another with respect and adult acknowledgment, so it's an unusual (but intriguing) parent/child dynamic.

    The cases are also strong (inspired by real life sometimes, but not as blatantly as recent "L&O" episodes have been.) Usually, a strong guest actor (Lynn Whitfield, Zeljko Ivanek) comes in as the defense attorney going up against Woods. And the luscious Jeri Ryan is Stark's former adversary, and now boss. Their relationship is reminiscent of the Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edlestein sparring on "House."

    But like "House" (and it's also that show's weak link), producers have saddled Stark with a team of young, fledgling prosecutors. You know them because you've seen them before. There's the spoiled rich guy, the street smart Latino guy, the hard-edged black girl and the princess who just wants to prove herself in a man's world. In short, they're bland and serve to deliver exposition and move the story along. Sometimes Woods tears into them, and to watch them squirm under one of his verbal assaults is fun.

    Is "Shark" classic TV? No, but it's better than most procedural pulp on the air. The writing is strong and aside from the weak assistants, the acting matches. It's great to see James Woods in a vehicle that shows off his talents - letting him be a flashy jerk that you hate to love.
  • Gritty Court Show

    Love this show... one of my favorites. It's edgy, gritty and unpredictable. The main character, a lawyer, is an over the top power junkie who employs a hungry group of young go getter to chase down bad guys and put them away. He also has a softer side... taking in his estranged daughter and rekindling their forgotten relationship. The writing on this show is sometimes a bit cliche, but otherwise excellent. I am not usually one to watch Dramas and especially those centering around the court room... but this show draws me in week after week and is now one of my favorites.
  • Shark has wonderful potential if the writers stop changing formats involving the characters. There are two main antagonists that keep the show lively. In any good storyline, two antagonists are better than one.

    I don't like the show as much since Jeri Ryan's character is out of sync. Bring her back as the Asst. DA. ignites the tension between her and Sabastian. The show has lost it's zip and humor between the antagonists. Neither actor is being used at their comedic bantering best. This is a disappointment in the show's new format missing the old sportive impact between the two main characters. Why change something when it wasn't broken? Now the energy has waned languishing in dullsville becoming another he said she said court room scenario. Shark is losing it. That's a big loss.
  • The star power is far more important than the series.

    James Woods is one of the finest and most charismatic actors in the business. Roger Ebert once said of him, "You can see the wheels turning in his mind, as he delivers one sarcastic line after another." Here he plays Sebastian Stark, a former defense attorney, now chief prosecutor, who shepherds a group of young and hungry attorneys as they track down and prosecute a series of sleazy murderers and assorted criminals. OK, so the plots are thin, the stories are repetitive, the supporting characters mostly interchangeable, prosecutors don't really spend all their time doing police work, and they don't work 24/7 yet still find time to have personal confrontations with the suspects and social engagements with whoever is useful to them at the time. But no matter, it's worth its weight to see Woods showing off his remarkable gift of displaying mutiple emotions simultaneously. For example, while talking with his daughter Julie, who had gone to college in New York, but bolted home to chase a boyfriend who was in trouble with drugs and dropped out, you can see the torment, the love, and the anger in Stark's face. Any parent of a teenage daughter can indentify with that.
    I don't think for one moment that Woods took this on for the money, and he is clearly enjoying himself here. But there have been many rumors of him leaving the show, so I suggest you catch it while you can.
  • An average lawyer drama if not for James Woods

    Shark, while a good - not great - show, boasts an excellent, seasoned actor (James Woods) as the snarky, sarcastic lead character, Sebastian Stark. If not for him, this show probably would have been canceled or at least not have generated ratings as great as ones it has. Take away James Woods and Shark is your average law drama. There is nothing about the series which makes it different from all lawyer shows out there as a whole. James Woods is the only standout.

    The cases are dull and so are the characters other than Stark - the female ADA who takes none of Stark's crap, the cute smart blonde fresh out of law school and her boy toy prosecutor, and the token African-Americans. Sound familiar? IS pretty much like a lawyer version of House. Oh well, everything is a rip-off of anything successful these days. Stark is as sarcastic and witty as House, making sexual comments (although not as extreme as House) to his attractive boss. The only *real* difference is that Stark actually cares - he cares about the victims and bring them to justice and I'm thinking that his daughter is mostly to blame for that. The one thing I particularly like is that it focuses on character development rather than just the cases. We see a lot of Stark's home life and how much he cares about his daughter, the relationships between Madeline and Casey and Raina and Isaac.

    Shark *is* a good show, but it's just average. It's like all the other law dramas out there.
  • Sebastian Stark is a shark of a prosecutor and he eats the competition alive!

    What a wonderful piece of work! I didn't pick up Shark until half-way through the first season and have not looked back since. Sebastian Stark (James Woods) is witty and intimidating and is in quite possibly, the finest role of his career! That's saying a lot because James Woods is an incredibly talented actor with a very star-studded career. A former defense attorney, he has now jumped ship to work for the D.A.'s office and is ready to put bad guys away. With his new staff that he devours and teaches all at the same time, he is a force to be reckoned with and this show is most definitely one to be reckoned with.
  • Know one know this is on

    I started watching this show when it randomly came on after house and i really enjoyed it!
    Don't get me wrong it can be a bit cheesy at times.
    I mean he pratically says jump and everyone else says how high but i think overall that adds to the shows appeal.
    Especially here in Britain every one will watch about just about any american drama and we have and i am suprised so little people have heard about this.
    I think his daughter in it is really good actress.
    I love the really flashy court cases in it.
    I say this show should be more advertised!
  • What I think of "Shark".

    I'm reviewing... rather telling what I think about the "Shark". At first It looked like a good series, but then asl I saw it more and more: I saw that it was NOT that 'complicated' or smart, and (the series) had an agenda, and was repetitive and preachy in the way it forcefully tries to make you feel towards (mainly the) criminal in the particular episode.
    What do I mean?
    Like I said, the first few episodes were 'new and fresh' territory. But then, I noticed the THEME of the series, and that it is not orignal in any sense, when compared to anything else out there...
    For instance, every single episode I've seen (I'll be fair and say I have not seen all seasons) it is shown that the male/man in the particular case is always the guilty party. I, myself, have yet to come across any episode which shows that women can also be bad people and the criminal type just as bad as men (if not worse).
    Thing is, it's hypocritical. Women show themselves as equal to men in everything. But when it comes to bieng the "bad guy", serial like "Shark" always portray men as evil, sinister and disgusting criminals (wolves?) and women as pure, and justice-loving and smart and innocent (pure sheep?).
    Obviously, none of the people writing the stories (feministic men or women, it matters not--- they've painted Men as the bad seed regardless to thier own sex) are married, I would imagine.
    That's ONE: Men are always guilty and despcible, and are the "most suitable" always to been shown as the evil criminals in the series.

    TWO: Like all the leftwing-companies-produced serials out there, Shark also does not accept the democratical vote of America in the last 2 elections...
    The rightwing hatred towards anything resembling morality, or strictness (usually accociated with Rightwing policy) or anything which might be seen as RIGHT WING politically accociated is automatically painted as wrong, immoral and hypocritacal and borderline criminal, to say the least.

    The episode where Sebastian charges and convicts a RightWing Judge of killing his wife, is a good example of the brimming hatred the 'Shark' series has towards RightWing stuff. Shark, the "hero" or "antihero-whatever" they-want-us-to-think-he-is--- says that whenever a wife is killed, the suspicions automatically fall on her husband.
    He says this crap, as if it were logical and just and constitutional, when it's clearly illogical and discriminative and maybe even unconstitutional! If the other way around: if a man is killed, is the Woman suspected of killing her husband 'automatically'??

    In short, the way I've noticed it: in every episode:
    The man is guilty and Maniacal. The woman is innocent and pure and whatnot. If the man is right-wing accociated, he's screwed two times over!! I wish, whoever (leftwing) is behing these kinds of serial, would aknowledge the fact that atleast half of the majority of America felt and will continue to feel that George Bush is a better president than anyone in the Clinton family, and that they would learn to live with the truth. "Shark" is guilty in being unoriginal, in that it continues to paint Men as the bad guys always, and like countless serials out there, doesn't have the guts to go against the stream.

    Maybe, at the end of the day, Sebastian Shark probably does not have the "balls", they would like us believe that he has. Or maybe the writes like the 'easy job' of painting rightwing men as the bad-guys always?
  • not that good

    He certainly has the eyes for it. James Woods has made a pretty fine living off those unblinky, decidedly untwinkly, great-white-like orbs. Now Woods plays lawyer Sebastian Stark, whose ruthless instincts have earned him the rhyming nickname Shark. Unfortunately, scary peepers alone do not make for good legal drama. Shark's whole gimmick revolves around the fact that Stark is a onetime big-money defense lawyer who'll do anything (anything!) to win. One colossal backfire later — a former client kills his wife, assuming the immoral Stark will once again save his bacon — and Stark switches sides. Now he's working for the Los Angeles DA in hopes of easing his conscience. Right, so when I said gimmick, I guess I meant ''tired trope.'' If you want a brilliant, compromised defense attorney with a punny sobriquet who just may learn something about justice, you'd seek Judd Nelson in 1987's From the Hip. (Character name: Robin ''Stormy'' Weathers.)

    Of course, it's near impossible to break new ground in legal dramas at this point. But Shark doesn't even try to hide its weariness. Some scenes have been lifted wholesale from A Few Good Men: Stark breaks down witnesses during theoretically shocking interrogations; Stark disrespects and patronizes his by-the-book female boss, District Attorney Jessica Devlin (Boston Public's Jeri Ryan). Woods and Ryan have so little chemistry in what's supposed to be a sparky relationship that it's easy to simply tune out their banter, which can basically be translated to: ''Blahblahblah you'd better do this, Stark!'' ''Blahblahblah I've got a penis so you can't make me.'' The situation is so belabored and the dialogue so generally uninspired, I estimate we're just two episodes away from a character spouting some version of: ''Why don't you two just do it and get it over with?'' Make that one episode. This is the drama, after all, that forces its star to snap zinger wannabes like ''Second place is death!'' and ''Truth is relative: Pick one that works.''

    By the way, if those don't sound like the utterings of a reformed scoundrel, you've hit upon another key problem with Shark: The guy has given up millions to work for the DA's office and do good, yet he's as unethical as ever. He encourages his small band of bright, young, boring lawyers to cheat and manipulate — which should come easily, since every character has a name made for soap operas (yes, I mean you, Ms. ''Raina Troy''). Isn't it inevitable that genius Stark will eventually realize he's doing the same jerky work for a lot less cash? And then won't he quit? And then won't this show be over? Here's hoping for a quick epiphany.
  • Best law series ever. James Woods in a great performance as a selfish,confident DA's attourney.

    What a show!!! I can't believe how good this show is . When it started I didn't have much faith on it. I thought it would be just another boring law show; I was completely wrong. James Woods' character is so great and he adds some great touches of comedy. What I really like of this show is that things never turn out as they look like.The murderer is always the one which looks less like.Every episode has a clever plot. It is also interesting the part Julie plays in the show because it brings Sebastian's most caring and sensitive personality as he has to take care of her. Add it a great cast and we have one of the best shows in television nowadays.
  • A great idea, and a great show!

    now that all my favorite tv shows like 24, heroes, and smallville have ended the season i didnt know what to do. Then along came shark, i thought it would be a good show to watch to keep me out of boredom, but it did much more than that. it is now one of my favorite shows!
    i never thought i qould like a tv show about lawyers in the courtroom this much! making James Woods the main character was a brilliant idea! he never fails to entertain me, hes one of the reasons i continue to watch this show!
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