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  • This is a courtroom drama starring James Woods as the charismatic lawyer Sebastian Stark. He begins the show as a ruthless defender of LA's rich, and then ends up heading a team that prosecutes the people he used to defend.

    The first time that I ever saw this show I was surprised that I liked it. I'm not normally a fan of courtroom dramas. The reason that I took a liking to this show was James Woods' brilliance in portraying Sebastian Stark. It is just a pity the rest of the cast (except Jerry Ryan) didn't perform to the same standards. This is shown by two of the main characters (Sam Page and Alexis Cruz) leaving. Overall this show had the basis for a great show; it had a charismatic leading man, good back-story. The problem was in some of the shows predictable plot lines. By the end of an episode I was never left with a feeling of disbelief, almost every episode was a little too predictable. I think with a little fine-tuning this could have been a great show.