Season 2 Episode 11

Shaun of the Dead

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Twisted morals

    I know that this series is not exactly based in reality, but in this episode any shred of normality or decency is dropped. A minor celebrity is openly trying to let his brother get away with murder. He even tries to prevent an eye witness from telling the truth - right in front of two assistant DA's. And to top it all off, he is caught red handed with his underaged girlfriend and admits he is sleeping with her. What does mr. Shark have to say to this spoiled and twisted little sh*t? Don't do it again kid, and choose your friends more wisely from now on. Sure, the kid is blond and rich and this is LA, but come on!

    The subplot with Shark's daughter and her alcoholic friend is getting even more ridiculous. He throws his phone around like a regular little Russell Crowe, tells her to get lost so he can crawl deeper into his nice open bottle of hard liquor, and what does she do? Offer him her virginity, of course. And he instantly forgets that he is a drunk and turns into Romeo. So you see, kids, if you use your body the right way, you can help an addict overcome his jones. Parents will love this show.
  • Not so much rock as crock!


    The usual good production values are let down by an uninteresting theme to the plot - at least for me! The characters of the entourage seemed to be cut-out and plastic, mainly due to a lack sympathetic circumstances of traits portrayed onscreen.

    Essentially this is episode showcases the divide and conquer dynamic. An rock-band entourage of longtime friends take a path of self-destruction threatening the career of the lead singer. As you can imagine there are plenty of suspects and most of the middle act revolves around the team hunting down and verifying leads to discover the culprit. Im afraid that it was this portion of the show that was devoid of anything new. Most of the actions taken by the team and Stark in particular have been seen in previous episodes.

    Two interesting scenes involved a carsaleman who fixes poker games(an early red herring) and a Gossip mag queen who Stark has had previous relationship. These do provide another interesting peek at the LA Shark universe. However, other than that the crime, the suspects and Im afraid even the team just looked like they were going though the motions. Perhasp this was the episode they knew they werent going to be signed up for another season. The Julie/Trev storyline bumped a little more. Im hating this more and more nowadays. Howver, if you are interested, after several scenes in this episode our Trevs character will certainly make you feel sorry for him and brand him and idiot all the same. Though he does finally luck out!

    However, it was really a shame because it wasnt an awful episode. But really this is one of those 45mins that you could miss and never worry about it!