Season 1 Episode 10

Sins of the Mother

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on CBS
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A married socialite, who is one of Jessica's best friends, fatally shoots her ex-con lover but claims it was in self-defense. Also, Sebastian gives Julie the silent treatment after she stays overnight with her boyfriend.

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  • Stark learns more about the women in his life.

    Stark gives Julie the silent treatment and learns about Jessica's loyalty to her friends in "Sins of the Mother," one of the stronger episodes of the show so far. Jamie Gertz does a good job as the socialite accused of murder: it's a strong performance because even though we sympathize with her plight, we never really like her as a character. It's a fine line, but the writers toe it well, creating a character that is more human - her other faults aren't masked completely by her tragic circumstance. Throw in Jessica's possibly tipping her off to trial developments, and you get an even bigger wrinkle. Jessica has previously railed against Stark for going easy on friends, but here she commits major prosecutorial misconduct all in the name of preserving a friendship with a woman who lied to her.

    The resolution to the case is interesting as well, but we're starting to see less and less Stark in the courtroom. Most of his recent trials have been wrapped up by backroom dealings and negotiations. I would much rather see Woods dazzle in the courtroom, but the drama and plotting of "Sins of the Mother" make up for that.

    Then there's the homefront. While not as gag-inducing as the previous show, the bits with Julie are still getting tiresome. I don't want to watch Sebastian as a conflicted single parent, but it's the direction the show is going in, so I just have to hope the scenes aren't terribly schmaltzy.moreless
  • This episode was great.

    I just saw that episode, and thoght it was very good.

    The script was well written. I kindda expected the daughter to be the one who killed Jeremy Clinton, but other than that- it was brilliant.

    I found it very funny when Shark told Jessica "Justice isn't perfect" and she asks him "And you are?" and he thanking her for finally notice.. lol..

    I love this show and loved this episode.. I've seen better, but it was definitely an awesome episode.moreless
  • good episode with a goos twist

    this episode was well made, well written and directed. Here we see how the long arm of the law reaces to all types of evidence to get a conviction. The killer is a close friend of the DA and shark has to find a way to have to charges stick so he finds a way using the old name she used to filed new charges and get the conviction
  • I didn't take Stark for the silent treatment type!

    Whoa...hold up, did Stark actually give Julie the silent treatment?!

    I so can't believe this...i so didn't take him as that type!

    That's something i would normally do to my mom when she annoys me!

    This episode was definitely another great installment!

    As usual it was fun watching Jessica and Stark at each other's throat!
  • A woman on trial for self-defense shooting leads to deep moments for Shark and Jessica.

    I've always liked Jami Gertz and it was good to see her here as the woman on trial. This was a good episode for Jessica, as we got to see more of her life and how she's developed. Her reaction when she discovered her friend was living a lie was quite good and I liked thier conversation with Gertz accusing her of doing almost the same thing with her own life, which makes me want to know more of Jessica's past.

    As usual, Stark was in good form, trying to get the case won and the truth found out while battling Jessica. Having the case be a parrallel to his problems with Julie was a bit much but I like seeing Stark still deal with his shortcomings as a father and trying to help her out. Overall, a nice case with good twists and turns with a killer who's not really that bad, a fine example of how this series is growing.moreless
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