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Season 1 Episode 21

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

With the discovery of an 11-year-old boy who went missing four years ago comes one of the most confusing case for Stark. During those four years, the young boy was living with his kidnapper and was identifying himself as his son. Sebastian must disprove the kidnapper's claim that he was in fact protecting the boy from abusive parents.moreless

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  • You keep guessing who's the bad guy.

    At first you wonder who's the bad guy. The kidnapper or the kid's parents. Then the defense reveals that the parents were concealing a previous injury the kid had suffered and we (Shark included) started believing the kidnapper's claims. The best time ever for a commercial break. Then another victim appears and the truth comes out. Goes to show you can't jump to conclusions. Specially on a case with so many twists. I hope there are more cases like that in Shark. Revenge of the Shark might be more exciting but its ending somewhat disappointed me. I'll tell more when I review that episode.moreless
  • A wonderful, if underrated episode.

    One of the best episodes of the first season. An intelligent, subtly dramatic storyline of superior quality.

    A subtly dramatic plot, with emotional twists and turns make this one very special episode. To those critics who panned it, maybe they prefer Shark to be constantly in-yer-face or the shows to be drenched in full-on action and confrontation. But if every show were like that, we'd get bored pretty quickly.

    The main drive of this episode is Starks quest to find the true villian of the story - but was the young lad kidnapped or forced from home? It is this purposely manufactured device that makes this episode what it is and stand out from the usual uncomplicated fare that makes up the bulk of law shows.

    The constant revolving and contrasting point of views keep you guessing as to who really is responsible for the boys disappearance and hence who is the real villian of the piece. One drawback is that there is less Stark and team in this episode, which is not entirely a bad thing as their contributions are above average. Everything works wonderfully well in taking the viewer on an indirect journey of what the boy must have gone through. This builds great momentum towards the final act and you wont even feel as though you are watching a show. Moreover, I felt as though I was experiencing the events taking place. This for me is what a great show/episode should feel like.

    The final act of the show brings about the conclusion in an original if yet low-key way - again. But it does however, provide a great sense of resonance and you like I, wont help but feel your heart lift at the way the lad is able to realise the truth of his dilemma and overcome it showing a depth of inner strength and courage.

    Wonderful, if underrated episode.moreless
  • Not my favorite!

    Definately not my favorite storyline but still James Woods really does a good job though it has a pretty not so good storyline. And one reviewer is right about the DA's wouldn't try federal cases as that is out of their reach. Loved it when Julia realized that her dad wasn't the jerk she thought he was all these years ago. As Shark indeed does love her. As the boy felt good with the kidnapper rather than his abusive parents. They should had a hotline number at the end of the show IMO!moreless
  • Nice twists, I first though the parents are the bad guys then it's the other way around. Stark must be hurted from his daughter's ignorance about her father's love. Jessica lost the election but hopefully there would be another twist again soon.moreless

    As a father, I truly sympatize and identify with Stark. It must have really felt like somebody stick a knife in your heart when Julie told him about how she told her mom first about the PSAT scores. And I can't believe after what Stark & Julie have gone through, Julie should have realized what kinda guy her father really is and how much he loves her. She has found out that her mom was the one who actually cheated on her father, led her to believe that her dad is an a-hole. I guess it's karma Stark is paying for [something he did before his epiphany] and I hope Julie would come around soon.

    I'd really stop seeing the show if they write off Jessica. I never really liked her that much from Star Trek but in Shark, she's like one of the main characters. And yeah, Martin's killed off the show was really sad once but to get rid of Jessica? I think even the show writers would know it would be disasterous things to do. By far, we have never seen or heard from this Cutler guy ever. Even at the winning announcement by the selfish and betrayal major, who if I may say, owes Stark from the episode "Dial M for Monica". He told Stark that he owes Stark one and he'll never forget. I think Stark should have pulled in that favor for Jessica as she has also saved Stark's butt a few times, especially in "Blind Trust".

    I like a few other episodes better than this one but this one is a tearjerker really. I can't wait to see the revenge of the shark next week. I hope there won't be so much cliffhangers until next fall. Audiences should be pleased, thrilled and impressed by the way Shark is going to literally bite Wayne's head off!!moreless
  • Deputy DA trys federal case??

    Although the story line was compelling, I felt I must comment on the reality of the show. As much as I like watching James Woods, the writers have got to be more realistic if they expect to keep their audience (me). Shark is a COUNTY District Attorney, yet in this episode he was trying a federal case (it even showed the US Courthouse in a scene) (kidnapping). In reality, a Deputy DA, or even the DA herself, would NEVER, EVER try a federal case - it is not their jurisdiction. Please be more realistic in your portrayal of the legal aspects of this series.moreless
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Sherry Stringfield

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