Season 1 Episode 11

The Wrath of Khan

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • "Shark" doesn't need "shoot 'em up" rallies.

    Stark tangles with the FBI, corrupt cops and an international arms dealer in an episode that would be great - if it weren't an episode of "Shark." As it is, it's jarringly out of place with no courtroom scenes, ramped up action and a plot that seems like a reject from "24."

    The show opens strong before dissolving into flashback (we know the stakes are high and a character's life is in jeopardy). But we're taken back to the tail end of a lengthy (?) D.A. investigation into an arms dealer that butts into an FBI case. Woods has some good scenes with the territorial FBI agent, but beyond that he takes a backseat to the "real-time" tension of the show. I guess the producers wanted to inject some action into the series, so in this episode, we have a number of SWAT raids, a standoff at an airport, a bombing and the death of a series regular. It's ludicrous rather than exciting - the sight of Stark's deptuty D.A.s caught in a gun battle is so out of place it's almost funny. And Stark's tarmac standoff with the arms kingpin is odd as well - not to mention the fact that the suspect's hazy status as an FBI informant/criminal is never really clarified. Instead, we spend most of the episode being tossed red herrings (He's the traitor! No, he is!) before the producers just wrap everything up in a hail of bullets. I expect more from "Shark," particularly on the heels of some episodes with some careful plotting and story mechanics.

    And I won't spoil the death (even though does), suffice it to say it's an assistant D.A. But, like most procedural shows with a large cast, the character never really had a chance to form an identity, so the death is empty. Basically, the show loses a character to deliver chunks of exposition. RIP, because we hardly knew ye.
  • Shooting, Sebastian off his meds... And a not that strange surprise in the end

    I just watched this ep and I have to say, it was nice, kind of exciting, crazy, the full packet. The Khan storyline was interesting, I was wondering when Stark would try to nail a really high profile. He was great, as usual, especially when he tried to make a deal with Khan, putting himself in the middle of a possible shooting .. Raina and Madeleine were fine, considering this ep wasn't about them. Jess had few screentime, as usual, a totally waste of her potential. Casey didn't even looked scary with the situation, not a good choice to hostage. Martin started this ep like he started all the others: no shine, nothing to say or to do. Suddenly he's totally involved because of the witness' daughter, and became a hero in aprox 2 minutes.. Then, after left his two cents to the ep, bang! He's gone. I love surprises, but that was hard.. It seems that the team is closed now.

    Well, I liked the ep, very much. But please, don't kill or fire anybody else, or Jess will have to hire some new DDAs just to make the show reach the season finale...
  • Lots of drama and action -- but not in the courtroom.

    This was the first episode of "Stark" in which the courtroom was not the focus of the drama. It's also the first one where Julie is missing -- not missed. Maybe she's over at the CW where she belongs. Hope she returns with her attitude adjusted. There were a lot of twists in this episode. We were lead to distrust Emilio the informant, then Ray the undercover cop, until finally it was learned that partner UC cop Willie Tarver was the real bad guy. But nothing compared to Evil Khan, who it turned out was not importing and selling C-4, but licensing its manufacture. Bad enough that meth labs abound; wait til C-4 labs get popular. Martin's passing in the finale was a shock, but aren't all TV deaths unexpected? Actually not a bad plot supplement. And as one blogger posited, might he not come back like Alex Cabot? Did anybody actually see the body? The irony of his death was that Elena wasn't really in much danger, other than the possibility of a stray bullet. With all the S.W.A.T. snipers trained on Willie, he never should have gotten off a shot, let alone hit two targets. I won't be surprised if a later episode reveals that Martin was killed by friendly fire. The other thing I don't get is why Stark thought he had a satisfying outcome. All he did was make the Feds' case stronger. Ultimately, they probably would still opt for the bigger picture and leverage Khan into giving up his terrorist contacts. That is the FBI's mandate after all. (Now that I think of it, wouldn't explosives come under the jurisdiction of ATF?) The episode was a nice change of pace, but the unrealistic shooting scene and non-win over Khan leave this as less than the best this series has offered so far.
  • One character sadly has to die!

    Cops verses the feds again. As Shark comes up outwitting
    And outsmarting the arrogant feds. As all the feds want
    To do is take credit and glory over the case but
    The cops won't allow them to do that. Too bad one
    Of the characters has to do as they will be missed. Well, at least by me of course.
  • Everything goes topsy-turvy when Casey is kidnapped during a C-4 dealing problem and during a shootout the prosecutors lose one of their own.

    I was stuck to the TV during this episode. I love Stark\'s quotes and I may use some. I did not see the ending coming at all and I was in tears by the time the screen went black. I love seeing the team all together like they were and not afraid to share their tears and comfort eachother when need be. Casey did great when I saw him kidnapped. How he dealt with the little girl\'s fear and with the undercover agent-gone-bad. I was glad to see Madeline comforting Raena at the end. I always like it when the women on the show are friends and she let her cry on her shoulder while she was crying too. Just seeing Stark and his team all together at the end will make this an episode I will never forget.
  • With the FBI trying to tkae their case Stark and his team must put together a case, well atleast a reason to arrest, against kahn, a major c4 dealer.

    The FBI want to take their case so they can use the guy but it is up to Stark and his team to work together to build a case that will put this guy away so he can not cause anymore damage. Kahn, the man they are trying to build a case against, is a major c4 dealer/user in the LA area. But through out this episode suspicion on who is realy on which side is questioned more than once, and so is who is still gunna be alive at the end of episode. This is one of my all time favorite episodes of Shark and i realy was suprized by the ending... why did he have to die?
  • When you think that Drugs are the only thing being sold in the streets the tale of how one man selling C4 to the masses, no matter who gets killed in the process. A great story with a truely emotion filled ending that no one will forget.

    “The Wrath of Kahn” was a great example of how TV shows should be. They should be full of twists and turns where nothing is what it appears to be because you trust someone for information and end up walking into a setup, or how seemingly honest good cops turning out to be ruthless thugs working for the wrong side of the law. Cops who were undercover to sniff out the Kahn but in turn working for Kahn, working both sides of the law.

    Kahn making deals with C4 no matter who is going to get hurt in the process but keeping his cool under the pressure that is starting to arise as Stark put more on more pressure on him as the case unfolds. Kahn pretending to have nothing to do with the surrounding incidents but in truth having everything to do with it, when confronted by Stark in both on the street and a talk by the airplane

    Willie Tarver kidnapping both Casey and the daughter of the informant holding them until what he is getting from Kahn becomes a reality, a trip out of the state in Kahn’s plane and money that was promised to him for doing his duties. The final scene featuring Willie and a blaze of gun fire is one that rocks the whole storyline. The bad cop is slain by gunfire but not with out taking a innocent life in the process. Leading to one of the most emotional endings that this show has ever seen before. The loss of a dearly departed friend is to much to take, even for Stark, and everyone ends the show in silence. Sure the day was save but the outcome was one no one wanted to see.

    I give this episode a very high 9.5 out of 10 for the very deep storyline that had you hooked from the very beginning, too the very emotion filled ending that left everyone with wet eyes. This episode was slow in some parts but overall a great episode worth watching a few more times to get every little detail down.

    This show keeps me wanting and looking for more in the way the storylines are very well thought out and how nothing is what it seems to be.
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