Season 1 Episode 22

Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 03, 2007 on CBS

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  • Good until the end. Then it was ruined.

    At first I thought: "Good. Callison is back." Then I started having my doubts about who killed the victim and caught myself asking "Did Stark get the wrong guy? Would he be willing to let a murderer walk away only to get Callison behind bars?" For most of the episode I believed somebody else did the killing and left the marks on the victim to make it seem like Callison's doing. When Callison was convicted, I still wasn't sure it was him who did the murder he was convicted for. I was so expecting something like they find out somebody else did the crime and then they'll spend next episode clearing Callison and getting the real bad guy behind bars and then Stark would wow to get Callison next time but when Stark revealed what really happened I've become disappointed by the first time ever since I started watching this series. Doing whatever it's needed to make guys pay for crimes they committed is one thing but make a suicide looks like a murder to get someone behind bars, even if it's Callison? It makes me afraid Stark would mistakenly using it against a really innocent person in a later episode. I still haven't watched Wayne's World 3 but I hope the truth comes out then.
  • By the short and Callisons

    It would have been difficult to make this a better episode. Concludes (or maybe not) Sharks encounter with the best villian of the show played by Bill Campbell.

    The story is pretty straightforward and though it is a run of the mill case, the Callison character automatically takes it to the next level and will have you filled with expectations of what may yet come.

    Expect the same high level of story telling as previous latter episodes, which together with excellent acting will immerse you in an entertaining story full of conflict, setbacks and twists. You will think you know where this is heading, but you will become open-mouthed at the final act, worthy of the season-finale. Guarenteed!

    One thing that I couldnt quite put my finger on was the Sharks uncharacteristic behaviour throughout the episode. However, you, like I will have to wait to understand why that is - just dont dismiss it as bad writing or acting. There is a reason for it which becomes clear at the end.

    SPOILERS below:

    An almost perfect ending which sees Starks get back at his first nemesis with style and panache. Satisfying because of the details introduced earlier in the episode which in realtime dont amount to much except in the context of the case and Callison apparently being maliciously targeted by Stark. The book signings, the amorous assistant, the chat show, the unrealiable witnesses - all provide the perfect foil to build an unavoidable climax which sees Shark turn the tables in such a brutal way.

    The Jessica storyline just adds an extra crumb of satisfaction even if she appears to be written out, only for Shark to offer her a future lifeline. And she actually nails Callison, something that Callison Im sure will use against Shark in the future.

    After this episode and the past few others, it was at this point that I started questioning the inclusion of Julie. I thought that she would provide a insight into Starks home/personal life, but there has been so little I dont think I know anything more than what he shows in his work life! Its a shame, because it could have provide a good source of balance for the character, but he just seems to get come off as another domineering parent failing to cope with the angst of his teenage daughter. Frankly not something that I found added to the show.

    All in all an almost perfect episode.
  • Shark really lives up to his name.

    What makes the Wayne Callison/Sebastian Stark rivalry so great (aside from the strong performances of James Woods and Billy Campbell) is that both characters are, at their core, predators. Granted, they are of very different stripes, but fundamentally both men deliberately, methodically ensnare their prey and strike. To watch them go up against each other is riveting, particularly in this outing which is a great way to cap off the first season of "Shark."

    Obviously, the biggest thing about this episode is the final reveal, which I won't spoil if you haven't seen it. I will say that my jaw hit the floor - I was stunned, having been completely taken in by the story and was jerked out of my chair when the facts came into play. In any other show (with any other character), this turn of events might have been too much to swallow, but with James Woods and Sebastian Stark, it was not only believable, but I was kicking myself for not guessing it sooner. Over the course of the season, we have seen Stark bend the rules to get the bad guys, but this is the first time we've really seen the rules outright broken. THIS is the Stark that was the thorn in the side of the D.A.'s office before he switched sides, and while behavior like this on a weekly basis might be too much for viewers, it's great to see his cutthroat strategies at work for law and order.

    I liked seeing Jeri Ryan in the courtroom (am I the only one who thinks the show would be better off jettisoning the "team" and making the show Woods, Ryan, Henry Simmons and Danielle Panabaker?) and am looking forward to seeing her take on a larger role in Season 2.

    In watching this on DVD, my only complaint is that James Woods did not lay down a commentary track for this episode. I would love to hear his take on it.
  • A great Season finale, that's for sure!

    Well, how can I start... I loved so much this episode that I can’t stop watching… First of all, let me say that was a wise decision bring Wayne back to season finale, although I didn’t like his appearance in this episode so much, he looked smarter on the first epi… But what the hell, Stark had to put that guy in jail, so here we go. The epi haven’t big surprises, but it was intense till the end. Stark sitting on witness chair was priceless, he looked like a crazy desperate lawyer, almost a victim trying to prove his point. His team was ok, poor guys, on the loop the entire episode.. And Jessica.. Oh God, now that thing is getting hotter! Ryan kicked ass in this one! Wayne’s testimony, what was that?! “Temper, temper”, I had to watch that over and over! My favorite scene? Hard to choose, I love every single moment between Devlin and Stark, Stark and Wayne, and Devlin against Wayne. Ok, my favorite moment was between Devlin and Stark, back to the beginning. Shark was all jokes until that portrait came up. It connected with his feelings about Jess and his defeat, and Jess’ feelings about her defeat. Nice touch. I can’t be rational about this epi, I liked it so much. We could see Sebastian getting over the top when he finally put himself in contact with the father, the prosecutor inside him. He didn’t finish the trial, but he was the defendant, the prosecutor, the judge… That was completely crazy, but understandable. His final scene with Wayne, the bittersweet making-off was surreal and delightful at the same time. The pleasure while he was telling the real deal to Wayne, not even a torrid love affair with Devlin couldn’t possibly make him feel that way. That was the real climax, to all of us, because that was the moment when became very clear why he’s a shark. Why he’s the shark.

    After that, I can’t barely wait to see next season. Crossing fingers for good times, and very well-written episodes..
  • Revenge is a dish best served "ala" Shark :) Oh. selecting a classification was a tough call! Revealing, A very special episode, Well written, Nerve-wracking, Exciting, Why I watch this series and Cleverly Plotted should be added to my Pivotal choi

    Well, to me, this episode was really the cherry on top of the sundae!

    If you love cherries like I do, then this was a treat.


    Because this is Shark's at his truest, best form.

    His vanity, his ego, everything, good and bad, went into this episode!

    Jeri Ryan, hopefully, will be part of the cast next season (here's to the hope there will be a next season!)

    It was a masterpiece episode, and I'll bet, the dream of every prosecutor, that see's a guilty bastard set free, knowing full well, this bastard is guilty, and being powerless to do something about it!

    Well, not Shark! No way!

    He did something about it.

    He studied his "prey", he planted the right people at the right time into his life and he set the right circumstances to trap the fiend.

    Again, a prosecutor's dream come true, if it was ever so lawfull to be able to do so...

    Season 2 - Season 2 - C'mon more Shark!! :)
  • Fantastic finale, the penultimate scene with Stark and Callison is surely enough to get this a second season!

    I love the way this series keeps your interest even though at its heart it is "just another courtroom drama". The acting is superb...especially Woods himself who always delivers. Madeleine and Jessica are pure eye candy and the other supporting actors all hold their own. In this episode and the first Wayne's World episode it shows a different side to Stark...and the scenes between him and Callison are pure class. By the way, the actor who plays Callison is superb and should be seen on tv more often. In both this and the 4400 where he plays Jordan Collier he effortlessly portrays believable duplicitous characters. I hope this show gets a second season...for me its right up there with the first season of Murder One....ahhh Teddy Hoffman... On a final note, any James Woods fans looking for his more obscure work could do worse than getting a copy of "Bestseller" with him and Brian Dennehy...a little known classic!
  • Loved everything but the last ten minutes.

    I was loving this episode right up until the moment that Stark told Callison that Hannah's murder was staged from a suicide. That really upset me. I felt it was unnecessary for a show of this caliber to use a story line like this and slap the justice system in the face.

    Loved absolutely everything else though. I think we will be seeing a story about corruption in the mayor's office next season.
  • Shark keeps improving and this episode was flat out awesome.

    Shark keeps improving and this episode was flat out awesome.

    I am really looking forward to the next season, the ending was very, very good and I hope to see even more great story lines developing next season.

    James Woods and Jeri Ryan (along with the rest of the supporting cast), do an excellent job of making the characters interesting and compelling.

    This episode (sparing the spoilers), was a great episode with some very nice plot twists and a scene at the end that was just great. Shark (James Woods) finally gets a killer who had , in a previous episode, gotten off and was representing himself while doing so. In this episode he represented himself again, but the team did not repeat the mistakes made previously.

    Also a nice possible change of characters with Jeri Ryan's character having a chance of coming back for next season and likely having a more prominent role in the show.

    Well worth watching, and I will be buying the dvds or hd-dvds or blu-rays when they are available.
  • AMAZING. I was definitely not expecting such a stellar ending!

    This episode is so good, I can't even begin to explain it. Honestly, it was enough that Stark was going after Callison again. And I admit, I had some high[ish] expectations. All of them were exceeded. The overall plot development was good, and the bit about Julie moving to New York was interesting, but when I heard Stark talk about the ellaborate plan to frame the murder, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I didn't see it coming at ALL. There's only one word for this episode, and that's brilliant. I don't think it could possibly be better, and if you missed, I hope you tvoed!
  • this is one of our favorite shows! Really wanted Shark to nail Wayne!Does anyone know the name of the song or artists that play it at the end of this episode? Great song! Please help me. Thankyou!! Will be watching re-runs.

    this is one of our favorite shows! Really wanted Shark to nail Wayne
    Will be watching re-runs
    Does anyone know the name of the song or artists that play it at the end of this episode? A Great show
    hope it will be as good next yr , as it was this year , i was really surprised that james woods was from Utah as i am from Utah, Vernal , he wasn't lds , i think, lol..
    As he does not look like or act like LDS and I love it,
    As you can tell iam not LDS.
    ty vm peace to all Peace
  • Stark goes all out after Wayne Callison in Round 2.

    Throughout the first season, we learn that Sebastien Stark will do almost anything to win a case. The key word being 'almost'. However, in "Revenge of the Shark", we get a glimpse into what the "Shark" was like. A young ladies body is found and the cuts match Callison's previous murders, for which Stark failed to convict him. Stark has Wayne arrested and is just boiling mad throughout most of the episode...he's intense, snaps at his young team and completely driven on his goal. He even goes so far as to hide a possibly suspect and destroy evidence. Wayne finds out and Stark is off the case, which brings Jessica Devlin in to finish off Callison, in what was a brilliant move considernig Wayne's difficulty with women. Using information from a murder he committed 20 years earlier, Devlin gets him to snap and the jury convicts. We feel a sense of completion, but the roller coaster has one final turn. Stark and Callison sit in a holding room, where Stark drops the biggest bomb of the entire series. Stark tells Callison that he fabricated the entire case out of thin air, how the people Wayne thought he knew were set ups and that there was nothing Callison could do about it because there was no evidence left.

    In all, you never see the ending coming and it blows you away watching James Woods pull off a masterful performance and easily the best con on TV in recent memory. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend this episode to anyone who wanted to see what the Shark series was about. I don't know how you couldn't come away from it both impressed and blown away.