Season 2 Episode 16

Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • Stark and Callison draw 'pistols' for the ultimate prize. An epic ending, worthy of this enjoyable law-lite drama. Not to be missed!

    An episode that begins with the perfect intro. Explosive. Dramatic. Foreboding. Providing a sense of high stakes from the outset. As good as Ive seen in a long while. Shark's most dangerous enemy returns for a final showdown with a game of high-stakes cat and mouse.
    The prize, more than Stark's career, the life of his daughter, Julie.

    The story is well written, with above average dialogue throughout. While the screenplay never lets up keeping its focus on Stark and Callison throughout. The central theme is the extension of the adversarial theme that comes across through all the episodes of the show. There to highlight the duality of the fight between plantiff and defendent
    Only this time, the fight extends to outside a court.

    There are some great scenes that sees Stark pit his wits against his greates foe. Tested to the verge of desperation. While Callison is the man without nothing to lose and holding on the cards. Julie also gets to learn a little more about her dad's idea of justice, when he is forced to admit that he set Callison up - to get the justice that he deserves.

    Each scene contains nerve-tingling action or builds up nail-biting tension. As Wayne manages to stay one step ahead of Stark until the inevitable end, when one or the other will take it all.

    Can Stark stop Callison messing with his mind? Will he save Julie's life and serve justice on the devil himself? Well I guess you'll have to, if you want to know how it ends! And has been the case in several episodes this season, the ending is worth the wait.
  • I love,love this show!Woods IS Shark-ruthless! I have worked with them! Daughter is only 17?? Also,wide-eyed look appeared "contrived"-hard to believe.I do feel"caring daughter" who loves her dad. I would love to watch a taping..? I am in LA sometimes.

    I love, love, love this show! I was so disappointed when I heard/read this show may have been cancelled...or was it? Anyway, I have followed the last half of the first season and now all of this, albeit, short second season and weekly. This week's show showed me who I have come to believe the character, Shark, to be: ruthless, but his daughter is the grounding force in his life. I also knew immediately before it happened that the character of Shark would NEED to eliminate the opponent from ever coming back into his daughter and his life in the future. It followed his character in "executing the plan", ie, resolve the problem here: his opponent, for good! There was also a part of me that hoped he would pull the trigger, true to his ruthless personality, but I knew in the end he wouldn't because, as he put it, "I'm not you!" Shark's daughter's character: I found her wide-eyed look to be a bit "contrived" and hard to believe at times. She does play the "caring daughter" well who loves her dad. Please, please, keep the show coming! I remain a loyal fan! I would also love to watch the taping of one of these, if possible? I am in LA from time-to-time.