ITV (ended 1996)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Sharman and Dawn's wedding celebrations are interrupted when bank manager David Galillee corners the groom at his reception with a job offer. Despite the lucrative offer of having his mortgage paid off if he plays ball, Sharman is more interested in going on his honeymoon. However, when Dawn hears of the offer she insists Sharman must do the job. Galillee is involved in a money laundering operation at his bank but is getting cold feet and wants to find out where the money is landing up.moreless
    • A Good Year for the Roses
      When lesbian dance duo Sandi and Mandi start getting threats from their former manager, the girls turn to Sharman for help. At first reluctant to act as a minder, Sharman is persuaded to protect the girls from Big Des, but insists the arrangement is only temporary. However, when he begins to fall for one of the girls, his resolve looks like weakening. Meanwhile, Sharman is hired by a wealthy businessman to track down a missing teenager, but the apparently simple job soon turns into a murder inquiry.moreless
    • Hearts of Stone
      Hearts of Stone
      Episode 2
      When the drugs squad decide they need Sharman's help to infiltrate a murderous South London gang, they don't ask nicely. Instead they trick him into handling a murder weapon - giving them enough evidence to put him behind bars for 15 years. He reluctantly agrees to help them by befriending local gangsters Patsy Hughes and Roy Seeley, who soon admit him to the gang's inner sanctum. While he is building up trust and trying to organise a drugs deal with the gang, Nick is tempted to start a relationship with vice girl Kylie, despite her line of work.moreless
    • Take the A-Train
      Take the A-Train
      Episode 1
      Sharman is disillusioned with life as a private detective and decides to quit. However, he is forced to think again when an old colleague, ex-copper John Reed, is found dead and his wife, Ann, asks Sharman to take the case. The police think Reed committed suicide by throwing himself from a tower block, but his wife suspects he was pushed. Sharman recruits the help of Ann's god-daughter Jane, a topless model and starts to investigate. Soon he finds himself at the centre of a gangland war.moreless
    • The Turnaround
      Down-at-heel South London private eye Nick Sharman is approached by a wealthy businessman, James Webb, who desperately wants to find the killer of his sister and her family. Sharman reluctantly accepts the case, only to find his first witness dead - and himself in the frame for murder. With help from his long-suffering girlfriend Fiona and his old colleague DI Jack Robber, he sets out to find the real killer and clear his own name.moreless