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  • outstanding

    a swashbuckling adventure about a man who comes through the ranks
  • One of the most outstanding shows I've ever seen on TV.

    Based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell,Sharpe is the adventures of Liutenant-Colonel Richard Sharpe of the 95th Rifles.Along with friends such as Harper,Frederickson,Harris and Hagman and others,he battles his way through the Napoleonic Wars to save Wellington's life,capture a French eagle at the battle of Talaviera,be first over the wall at the siege of Badajoz,uncover corruption within the British Army and fight like he has never fought before at Waterloo.
    The acting is fantastic,with Sean Bean and Daragh'O'Mally giving exceptional performances.Sharpe is a brilliantly facinating character,you always want him to take down the bad guy at the end of the day.His romances are engaging and you really want him to prove snobby officers from rich famalies wrong,as a runt raised from the ranks can be as good an officer as any.Obadiah Hakeswill is easily the best villian.An excellent Pete Poselwaite makes you both like and hate him at the same time.Other foes,such as Major Ducos or Sir Henry Simmerson,are just plain hateble.
    Overall,Sharpe is a truly great TV series.Don't forget to check out the 2006 one off,Sharpe's Challenge,this time in India.
  • Sharpe is one of my all times favorite TV Series.

    Sharpe in an excellent British TV series that tells story of Richard Sharpe, (portrayed by the amazing Sean Bean) a rifleman fighting against Napoleon in the 19th Century. The series follows Richard Sharpe as he rises through the ranks in the first episode, focusing on the Napoleonic war and on the pressure and in-house hostility towards him brought on by the fact that he is not of aristocratic heritage. The series also follows his love life which is the only part of the series I found to be uninteresting. Other than Sean Bean, the cast includes the Irish actor Darragh O'Malley, Alexis Denisof from Buffy and Angel, Abigail Cruttenden (Sean Beans X wife), Brian Cox, and many more very talented actors.
  • Historical atmosphere, exiting story, talented cast - all the things needed for success.

    I most say I never even planed to watch Sharpe. My mother said it is best and wanted so much that I could find some episodes for her as it has been years since she saw it from tv. So, I tried my best and it was very hard to get any of the Sharpe's where I live. But I managed.

    It was the first episode that really amazed me and after that I just couldn't stop - I loved the way Sharpe char was - not a perfect soldier, more like a man who makes his own rules, working class hero, charming and still with noble heart. And his men - chosen men... First I think the Harper's char seemed to me like little evil one but after some episodes - he became my favorite. Plus Teresa - the woman who really has skills, talent and just left amazing impression.

    And after I heard the ending song - I just couldn't get out of my mine. Sharpe is one of the bests for me. And the ending song - is the best
  • British historical fiction series of one soldier during the Napoleonic wars.

    I found Bernard Cornwell when I visited the UK and then bought an episode on DVD! I was enthralled with the action. It was very cool and I don't entirely understand the "abysmal" rating of some others. Who can hate Sean Bean as Sharpe? He's sensitive and strong and very watchable!
  • What a deception!!! This is a great advertisment for people to see that it´s a lot better to read a book then to watch it on screen.

    I´m a huge Bernard Cornwell fan!!! I have read some of he's work. This is a great advertisment for people to see that it´s a lot better to read a book then to watch it on screen.
    But this...? What is this? Not the standard that fiction in United Kingdom or United States of America normaly makes.
    What a very poor effort. Thats not whats in the books! One thing is to cut another is to change. And theres no life!
    Was this made by frist year movie student's? I bet that are a lot of newebies that could do a great deal more... then this?!?!?!?
    It´s like a class D picture!
  • Historical drama at its best.

    At first I wasn't going to watch these wonderful films. I had read the books and from the review saw that they had changed a lot of it to allow audiences to understand the character quicker. I am so glad there was nothing else on! I loved it, despite the changes that were made and that the hero was suddenly a northener. The characters were all well written and well played and the battle scenes briliantly executed. I have no favourite episode, how can you choose, I have tried but when I almost decide I think on another. all except for warterloo. don't get me wrong the film is of the usual high standards I just hate watching Hagman and Harris getting killed! I would highy recommend this to any one with even a vague interest in the penninsula wars as they are all based around actual events. what more could you want in a tv show, action, excitement and for those interested in that kind of stuff romance.
  • I dare you not to fall in love.

    Having been a big fan of Bernard Cornwell for many years, I wasted no time in watching the Sharpe Movies. Needless to say I was not disappointed.

    Sean Bean plays the part with so much energy and enthusiasm, you can't help but be drawn into this world of rifles and swords. Even bernard Cornwell has said that he now always thinks of Bean when he's writing a new Sharpe book: a great compliment to any actor, I'm sure.

    The rest of the cast do a wonderful job too, from his endearing Irish sidekick to the villains you love to hate, this show is packed with brilliant characterisation and solid storytelling.

    But for us women the main draw will always be Sharpe himself: the raw masculinity and passion that are hard to ignore.

    Recommended for everyone. Unmissable!
  • What a better way to enjoy the past than through the adventures of Richard Sharpe?

    Starting from the first to what was thought to be the last episode, Waterloo, Sharpe keeps you entertained with both his heroics and ability to woo the women with all the flair and style that only a Gentleman can manage. This show definitely deserved the comeback it's getting, and what a treat to have it's star, Sean Bean, back in the saddle, or out of it as he so often chose. It was a thrill watching the common soldier working his way up from the ranks to become a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to this show's return, and hopefully another if all goes well.
  • The tales of a British officer in the Napoleonic Wars, based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell.

    The premise is simple - a British officer in the Napoleonic Wars goes to all the famous battles spilling blood, making love and defeating his enemies. The series is thoroughly entertaining, and the cast is excellent. Sean Bean is perfect as the lead, and is ably supported by Daragh O'Malley as trusted sidekick Sergeant Harper, Hugh Fraser as the Duke of Wellington, and various actors as the "Chosen Men", a small band of soldiers who accompany Sharpe on his adventures.

    The budget is not spectacular, but for the most part the battle scenes, costumes, etc. are all wonderful. The scripts are faithfully adapted from Bernard Cornwell's novels (except for two original scripts and the awful "Sharpe's Gold") and feature a lot of witty banter between Sharpe and his men. In addition to entertainment value, you also learn a lot about the Napoleonic Wars while watching the series. A highly recommended series filled with adventure and love.
  • Quite simply one of the best British TV shows ever.

    One of the few really decent drama series ever made for British television. Each episode has the look and feel of a fully-fledged feature film such as Braveheart. Based on Bernard Cornwell’s fantastic books, these 2 hour epic dramas take the viewer on an action-packed tour of the war between England and Napolion, through the eyes on one Richard Sharpe of the 95th Rifles (played by Sean Bean) and his Irish sidekick Sergeant Harper (Daragh O'Malley).

    Great battle scenes, believable plots, humour, romance, despicable enemies (both French and English), what more can anyone want?

    I certainly recommend series this to anyone who enjoys actions films, but prefers them to be a bit more sensible than the standard Hollywood blockbuster.

    Watch them all and read the books!
  • The sharpe series is amazing everyone should see this even though they maybe old.

    Well there are fourteen films made out of 19 or 20 i forgot books and Bernard Cornwell keeps on write good sharpe books. Well it will take to long to tell you about each and ever movie but to sum it all up Richard Sharpe along side his sidekick Sargent Harper and his rifle men go to diffrent places in spain were they do most of there fighting but sharpe at times runs in to trouble either from some arrigant person who trys to stop sharpe or who wants to have him killed and fight the french at the end some how by sniping at the with there baker rifles. He also dose heroic stuff like in Sharpes Eagle when he captures the french Eagle and becomes famous along with other things. All in all i Give this series a 9 out of 10 Sean Bean who plays Richard Sharpe and Daragh O'Malley dose a good job playing Sargent Patrick Harper. Every one should read the books and see the Movies and others that are similar to it like the Patrick O'Brian Series (Master and Commander) and the Hornblower series. Hape you Enjoy it. and screw the very Harry pothead books, i don't like them.
  • Clearly one of the best TV shows ever produced in th UK. Filled with action, drama and love

    Portugal 1809, the Penisular War in the age of Napoleon. A British sergeant in the 95th Rifles saves the life of Arthur Wellesley, and finds himself promoted to Lieutenant and in charge of a company of Rifles that do no respect him, to carry out a dangerous and vital mission. - Summary from IMDB
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