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  • One of the most outstanding shows I've ever seen on TV.

    Based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell,Sharpe is the adventures of Liutenant-Colonel Richard Sharpe of the 95th Rifles.Along with friends such as Harper,Frederickson,Harris and Hagman and others,he battles his way through the Napoleonic Wars to save Wellington's life,capture a French eagle at the battle of Talaviera,be first over the wall at the siege of Badajoz,uncover corruption within the British Army and fight like he has never fought before at Waterloo.
    The acting is fantastic,with Sean Bean and Daragh'O'Mally giving exceptional performances.Sharpe is a brilliantly facinating character,you always want him to take down the bad guy at the end of the day.His romances are engaging and you really want him to prove snobby officers from rich famalies wrong,as a runt raised from the ranks can be as good an officer as any.Obadiah Hakeswill is easily the best villian.An excellent Pete Poselwaite makes you both like and hate him at the same time.Other foes,such as Major Ducos or Sir Henry Simmerson,are just plain hateble.
    Overall,Sharpe is a truly great TV series.Don't forget to check out the 2006 one off,Sharpe's Challenge,this time in India.