Sharpe - Season 4

ITV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Sharpe's Mission
    Episode 3
    France 1813

    The war is entering its final stages and the French formulate a desperate plan to capture Wellington's spy master, Major General Ross. Sharpe is ordered by Wellington to accompany Colonel Brand, who is intent on destroying the French's main powder supply in the caves of Rocha. Wellington and Ross are both suspicious of Brand's loyalty, but they do not reveal this to Sharpe. The suspicions are well-founded as Brand secretly meets with the French and makes plans for capturing Ross.

    On the home front, Sharpe's wife is showing signs of being bored with army life and enjoys the attentions of a young poet.moreless
  • Sharpe's Siege
    Episode 2

    Winter 1813 Wellington is told by the debonair Frenchman Maquerre that Bordeaux is ready to rise in rebellion against Napoleon. Wellington's spymaster, Ross, is doubtful and tests Maquerre by proposing the British use Maquerre's own castle as a base. He reluctantly agrees, but says the castle is in Napoleon's hands. Wellington appoints Colonel Bampfylde to lead the attack on the castle, with Sharpe in support. Sharpe, newly married to Jane Gibbons, is angry that he has lost his command to Bampfylde, but he is soon distracted when there is an outbreak of yellow fever and Jane falls ill. Her chances of recovery seem poor, as there is not enough quinine in the camp to cope with the outbreak. With a heavy heart, Sharpe sets off on his mission, knowing he may never see Jane alive again. Bampfylde, intent on glory, sends Sharpe on a scouting mission and tries to capture the castle on his own. He fails, and the casualties are heavy. Sharpe, seeing the carnage, has Harris and Frederickson sneak into the castle in disguise. Once inside, they force the French to surrender. Shamed by Sharpe's easy victory, Bampfylde sends him on a reconnaissance mission. Sharpe soon discovers that Bordeaux has no intention of rising against Napoleon and that Maquerre is a double agent.

  • Sharpe's Regiment
    Episode 1
    June, 1813 The South Essex is seriously short of men, and when Wellingtion is told there are no recruits available, he orders Sharpe to go to England to investigate. Sharpe and Harper arrive in England and are informed that there are seven hundred men waiting for them in Chelmsford. On arrival there, they find the barracks deserted. While visiting an old friend, Harper and Sharpe are attacked, and Sharpe feigns death. Sharpe and Harper then decide to do some undercover work and enlist under Sergeant Havercamp as new recruits. They arrive at a training camp on Sir Henry Simmerson's land, where they are trained mercilessly. Sharpe finds the new recruits are being sold to other regiments, and his suspicions are confirmed by Simmerson's niece, Jane.moreless