Season 4 Episode 3

Sharpe's Mission

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 15, 1996 on ITV



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    • Ross: It's a trap, man. They've baited it with a really big cheese, the Rocha powder magazine. We are going home!
      Sharpe: No, we're bloody not! We're going to get Brand, and we're going to blow up that frog bloody magazine... Pycroft.
      Pycroft: You get me in there, Sharpe, I think it could be arranged.
      Sharpe: And we're going to use bloody big bait.
      Ross: Oh? What?
      Sharpe: You.
      Ross: Me?
      Sharpe: Yes, you... sir.

    • Sharpe: Harris, until this matter is resolved, you're my responsibility. Now while I'm on this mission, you will act as manservant to my wife.
      Harris: You're letting a suspected murderer look after your wife, sir?
      Sharpe: Harris, I'm posting you to my household as I would post you to a position on a battlefield.
      Harris: Yes, sir!

    • (About Sharpe)
      Jane: Why would you follow him to the death?
      Harris: Loyalty! We're loyal to him and he's loyal to us. In life and in death. We trust him with our lives and he trusts us with his life.
      Jane: And with his wife. He trusts you with his wife.

    • (Shellington sees the dead bodies and faints)
      Ross: What are we going to do with him, Sharpe?
      Sharpe: Send him home, sir.
      Ross: Home? He'll need an escort.
      Sharpe: Send two of Brand's men back with him. They know the terrain. Gives us a perfect excuse for bringing Brand back.
      Ross: What if he doesn't want to go back to Wellington's camp?
      Sharpe: Oh, he'll want to, sir.
      Shellington: (coming around) Where am I?
      Sharpe: (to Ross) Might even try to seduce my wife.

    • Wellington: I'd be obliged if you'd show that fellow Shellington around the camp. I can't spare another officer.
      Sharpe: Yes, sir.
      Wellington: Oh, and Sharpe, you better brace yourself. He's a poet.
      Sharpe: Poet, sir? My wife will be delighted.
      Wellington: Really? Personally I'd rather call for the surgeon and have him cut off my goddamn foot with a saw.

  • Notes

    • This episode was first broadcast in the US on BBC America on August 5, 2006.

    • Sharpe's Mission is one of the few episodes not based on one of Bernard Cornwell's novels. The other is Sharpe's Justice. Sharpe's Challenge is not a specific book, but it is loosely based on Sharpe's Tiger and Sharpe's Fortress.

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