Season 4 Episode 1

Sharpe's Regiment

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 01, 1996 on ITV



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    • Harper: God save Ireland.
      Lynch: O'Keefe?
      Harper: I am Sergeant Major Harper of the First. And you are, filth?
      Lynch: Lynch, sir.
      Harper: God save Ireland. Say it, Lynch. Go on. Say it!
      Lynch: God save Ireland.
      Harper: Louder!
      Lynch: God save Ireland!
      Harper: Louder!
      Lynch: God save Ireland! God save Ireland! God save Ireland!

    • Fenner: (about Lady Anne Camoynes) You can't afford her, Simmerson.
      Lady Anne Camoynes: Few can.

    • Charlie Weller: They treat us like animals! We're not animals; we're men!
      Sharpe: No we're not. We're soldiers now.

    • Prince Regent: May I call you Dick?
      Sharpe: Honoured, your Majesty.
      Prince Regent: Call me, well, call me, Your Royal Highness. But, look you, damn me, but I am the one who's honoured entirely... Dick.

    • (Before meeting the Prince Regent)
      Galloper: Uniform fits like a ball of wax, but those boots won't do.
      Sharpe: They did very well for a colonel of Napoleon's Imperial Guard I had to kill before he'd give them to me.

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