Season 1 Episode 7

Everyone's a Hostage to Someone


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Ben and Amy are each having a voluntary counseling session with Ryan following a shooting incident at the station, which resulted in some serious injuries and some fatalities. Two prisoners in lock-up were being transferred to jail when the incident occurred. The instigator of the incident was one of the prisoners, a drugged up Jimmy Tapert, who had a long rap sheet and was in custody for a pharmacy hold-up and shooting. The other prisoner was Paul Keefer, who was in custody for fatally beating up a fourteen year old boy named Glen Mason in a street fight. Although Paul may have dealt the fatal blow, Vina discovered that Glen had a long history of physical abuse against him which were the underlying causes of his death. Two other outsiders in the station at the time of the incident were Glen's angry mother, Colleen Mason, who continually vented her anger against Paul, and Nick, who, despite stating that he was there to cover a story, was probably there more to see Amy. As Amy relates her side of the story to Ryan, she admits her true feelings about Nick. And as Ben relates his story, Ryan determines that what others in the station may have seen as acts of his bravado were in fact more of his blackouts. In his heart, Ben fears that one of those blackouts may have resulted in some of the deaths, especially of one who was basically a good person despite the situation.moreless
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