Season 1 Episode 6

Where's The Line


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Eighteen year old Mark Sims is found shot to death in a dumpster. He has a petty crime sheet along with a friend named Rick Baker. Rick's father tells Ben and Amy about a cache of money of which Rick recently came into possession. Ben and Amy tie the case to gunshots and a robbery at an after hours club. TC approves an undercover operation at the club. While undercover, one of Ben's alter egos, Harry, appears, placing himself and Amy on tenuous ground. Ultimately, "Harry" befriends the club's owner, a wealthy German immigrant named Karl Alvert. Karl, a leading suspect in Mark's death, is a devoted father who will do anything for his son, Stephan. With Harry's position as "friend", Ben and Amy are able to work both sides of the investigation, but not always with success. Meanwhile, Terry and Holl investigate a possible upcoming murder when the proprietor of a satirical "hitman" website tells of a woman named Cynthia Klein, who has emailed him asking that he arrange for the murder of her husband.moreless
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