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disney just can't leave well enough alone

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    [1]Oct 1, 2007
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    i missed the episode shown sept. 23 (full metal shaun), and was pleased to note that disney was showing it twice last saturday. because the network plays games with the schedule, i recorded both shows to make sure i had it. imagine my surprise -- and disgust -- to find the two aired episodes had quite different endings. talking later to a friend who is also hooked on the show, i found out that the chopped episode (where shaun and the dog are in the tree at the end with the bull below them) was what was shown the previous sunday as the first run, and the longer version (where the sheep frantically repair the yard before the farmer returns, only to have the mechanical cow fall on him, with the episode ending with the bull romancing the farmer who's wearing the mechanical cow head) only running on the early saturday time. it also had a longer theme song (do you know the eps start with a cock crowing in the morning and the three of them waking up, and not with the hair scenes?).

    jeez, the show is only about 7 minutes long, and disney still sees the need to chop it -- in the case of full metal, altering and destroying the ending.i can't wonder how many other less-than-stellar episodes were that way due to aardman or to disney. it's a great show, but the channel -- what a joke!

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    I discovered through finding an actual Shaun the Sheep website that the show is available on DVD-- in the UK. They have two DVDs out already, with a proposed Christmas box set that has both together. Each disk is supposed to have about 8 eps on it, and I'm guessing or hoping that they'll be uncut. I'm just glad that Disney is airing it at all because I don't get the UK station it must be running on to see it in the original first run.
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