Shaun the Sheep

Weekdays 3:45 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 05, 2007 In Season





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  • A very British sensibility

    With its use of silent slap-stick comedy, each episode follows the hilarious antics of a sheep dog tasked with controlling a herd of sheep or the rivalry between sheep and pigs; all focussed on the hero of the show, Shaun! If you enjoy British humour, silent comedy, and slapstick, you should get a laugh out this show.
  • Makers of Wallace and Grombit! :D

    20 various ep (14)
  • Movie of it Will Be Here Soon

    Sure the Movie there Make of it Be There Soon

  • Are you serious?

    Are you serious? That was my exact reaction to this show. This show is not entertaining. And I did give it a try. Even though it's only 5 minutes I only watched about 2 minutes. It's not funny or really that entertaining. It is very boring. The animation isn't good either. What's up with all the clay puppets? Im pretty sure the same people who made this show, made the Wallace and Gromit movies and Chicken Run. Chicken Run I like but the Wallace and Gromit movies are dumb. I never liked them even when I was 8 years old I hated it.
  • Shouldn't this be something for Disney Playhouse??

    The reason I gave it a 2 was because I was hyped up when I saw it on Disney Channel.

    But now this is just upsetting.....

    I really, really (I MEAN I actually tried hard to watch that show but it's too impossible.)

    It's sad seeing this show on Disney Channel....
    This show proves my worst fears of television...

    Disney Channel is getting more babyish by the second....

    Espically with this show...

    You know in one of those babyish shows you watch when you're little and you hear some narrator narrating in the background.

    This show got that too..

    I won't be surprised if this show gets cancelled, considering that the only they ever had was "Wallace & Gromit."

    They should halt every other plan and make that a show because everything else they make ends up in the gutter....
  • Fine to me.

    It's pretty silent like Boobah,but it doesn't mean it's terrible.It's a pretty good show,but tell me why wasen't it on Nickelodeon.Why is it on Disney Channel.It's not even with Dreamworks.Well,it's a really good show to me and it's better off to be on Nickelodeon.The sheep has no mouth like Gromit and he's like the dog.It's a good show and I don't even care if it's silent.I would say that it counts as a show and it's really not much of a short show.I would really grade this show a C because it was pretty silent and pretty much not bad.
  • Silent but freakin' Awseome!!

    Shaun lives on a farm in the United Kingdom. He's close friends with Bitzer, the sheepdog, and the Flock. Shaun always plots something to do around the farm. Such astrying to get the farmers pizza, or trying to find Timmy's binky. No one talks in this show, nor does the Farmer. The farmer never even relizes what the sheep does, and Bitzer somethimes tries to get them caught. But he gets caught himself. Shaun is also the leader of the flock and would do anything to get things right when stuff don't go as plan. The show is silent, with some sound effect, but I say its still freakin' awesome!!!
  • Cute :)

    I love this show it is a silent show but it is funny some may say it is boring or lame or for babies but I think it is not boring it is funny and also it is not lame it is cute:) and also it is not for babies cause you know my older sister likes it.So if you hate Shaun the Sheep you just don't have any taste in shows.And you can't say it is for babies I just explain trust me it is funny but weird to how do you expect sheeps can walk in two feet? And a dog drinks coffee and reads magazine and a sheep can make something that not every person does. That is funny about that it is not realistic but funny. If you don't believe me then don't just for Shaun the Sheep haters.And for Shaun the Sheep fans Good Choice!!!!
  • Silent but funny

    Okay, so as most of you know that this show is on Disney Channel Asia. The first day it came out i decided to give it a try. Besides, i heard that this was the creators of Walrus and the something bunny. Im not much fan about the show but i reluctantly tried this show out
    But man, this show is so silent but so cool. i mean its both funny and silent at the same time. Those people who made this show must be simply brilliant. There are so many stop motion shows i have watche and i must say that this is definitely the best
  • Clever claymation, characters, and stories.

    "Shaun the Sheep" is a cleverly produced series of five-minute claymation/stop-action shows by the same people who created the "Wallace and Gromit" movies. Although shown on the Disney Channel, in the USA, it was not created by Disney, which probably works in its favor!

    Shaun, a small, shy, but impish, sheep, is the "leader" of the barnyard, protecting the animals from whatever perils face them, usually at the expense of the farmer and other ne'er-do-wells.

    What could have been overly cute and trite characters and stories with predictable plots and outcomes, was turned into unpredictable, humorous shows that appeal to both children and adults. Even more surprising, the vast majority is performed without a single word being spoken, which probably saved a fortune on actors! It is great family fare to be watched together by young and old, alike! So, get the sheep together, and flock on over to "Shaun the Sheep"!
  • What is there to say? its silent but friken awesome!

    well, shaun the sheep...i no its a little kid show but whats wrong with a liitle fun entertainment? its giving my inner kid a time to shine!
    shaun....quiet. rest of the characters-quiet. i wonder why? lol. maybe cause of the fact its claymation which is so cool!
    the fact that none of the characters talk opens the mind to a whole new world of imagination. its simply adorable!
    i could think of a million ways to describe it but its never enough. theres always something more to the show....its not just like bananas in pyjamas (which most people grow out of) its different. I think its because of the fact that its made by the same people who made wallace and gromit and harvey crumpet. its got that little bit of innocent fun and has a bit of adult humour in it...hidden...along the way. Great show, always loved it, always will!
  • It's a show about claymation sheep.

    I don't really understand why people are attacking this show. It seems all right. It's not great, but at least it's not another sitcom. I'm also hearing that it's not mature enough and it's too childish for Disney. That's a reason to not like this show? Hmm. Well, remember that Disney's roots trace back to childish cartoons like Shaun the Sheep. Despite the fact that Disney certainly has changed alot with shows like AD:JL or Hannah Montana, that little logo on the corner's always a reminder of what Disney started with. And if embracing shows like this are childish and immature, then so be it. Though I know it's not a Disney show. So, the show's about a sheep named Shaun. He acts more anthropomorphic(as in more human) compared to the other sheep. Some may remember the claymation from the classic Wallace & Gromit shorts. The cast includes the watchdog that doesn't get respect from the sheep or his owner, Timmy the little sheep, there's also a giant sheep that looks twice the size of the others. Together with the whole herd, Shaun seems to try to get away from boring old sheep life in exchange for the life that humans have. However, he has to do this before the farmer finds out. So, enjoy.
  • Five minute show

    Shaun the sheep is mini-show.

    It is about a sheep named Shaun, who is curious about life on the farm.

    The show is only five minutes long.

    Many episodes include Shaun and his fellow sheep friends getting into some crazy probelms. In the show the characters, Shaun, the sheeps, this dog, and a guy who lives in a house next to the sheeps, do not talk.

    The show is silent but gets messages out though actions and body language.

    The show is good for little kids and for any age who wants to be entertained with a short show.

    Watch Shaun the sheep only on Disney Channel!
  • I love it!

    I love this little mini show! It's so cute! It kind of reminds me of when I was a little girl. I used to love watching cute little shows like that!

    I love little animal shows. They bring back so many memories from when I was little! How could anyone hate a cute little show like this? It's a show that makes you feel like a kid again. I love going back to those days! Those were some of the best days.

    If you ever want to feel like a kid again, just watch Shaun the Sheep! It's so cute, and it'll make you feel like an energetic little kid again!
  • Shaun the sheep is a great show.

    Shaun the sheep is one of my favourite shows, but there are a few things that could be better like how long the show goes on for, It might just be me but I prefer a long show. I think that more people would watch this if it was on nickalodeon not cbbc, hardly anybody wathces that, well at least not as many as nickalodeon. The thing I like about this is that all the characteres are made of clay, infact everything is made of clay. I also like it how shaun and all of the other sheep dont speak, I just like that, maybe it is because it is more peaceful.
  • Shaun the Sheep is the perfect cure for a stressful day! Has all the charm of the other Wallace and Gromit movies!

    Shaun The Sheep is a wonderful guilty pleasure! It is the perfect cure to a stressful day. It may not have all the witty lines of Wallace and Gromit, but you got to love the fun Shaun and the rest of the flock get up to! I think it is childrens TV that has an addictive quality for adults as well (I have all of them saved on my sky plus). I would recommend anyone that has had a tough day to sit down and watch Shaun and the rest of the flocks antics and in no time your stress would have all melted away!
  • Oh, come and bleat with shaun the sheep. You heard him, with Aardman's latest offering you'd be crazy not too.

    How could anybody really expect anything less from Aardman animations, the crew that brought us Wallace & Gromit (an all time classic), Creature Comforts and much more. Fortunately this latest venture, primarily directed toward a younger audience (though of course - to all a guilty pleasure) is on par with the rest. Furthermore, it provides a welcome break from some of the 'lesser' shows on children's television today.

    Putting it bluntly, you either like this type of humour or you don't. There's hardly ever a single line of dialogue and if you're not enthralled by the antics of troublesome sheep and bizarre situations then this isn't one for you. But to all others, sit back and appreciate the hilarious Shaun, born right out of Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave, Bitzer - the friendly farm dog, 'The Farmer' - a long-faced ginger nutcase, 'The Naughty Pigs' who will do anything to make sheep-life difficult, 'Shirley' - quite possibly the largest sheep you will ever see, 'Timmy' - the tiny toddler sheep, & of course the rest of the flock. The show runs approximately 6 and a half minutes per episode with up 20 or more scheduled and no single episode runs too long nor feels too short. With non-stop hilarity from cabbage footballs to sheep excercises, from farm art to greedy goats, Aardman can't seem to put a foot wrong and this one's a classic. Firmly recommended.
  • He's Shaun the Sheep! He's Shaun the Sheep! He even mucks around with those that cannot bleat! This show is inspired, so enjoyable, so much more than a children's show. If you like Wallace & Gromit humour, watch this show.

    I recorded this show so my 5 year old daughter could watch after school, but instead it became a daily ritual for the whole family. It's excellent fun, really inspired. 20 episodes just aren't enough.

    From the team who brought us Wallace & Gromit, the humour is so similar, so multi-layered - and one of the most amazing things, no dialogue! The characters are great, from Shaun, through Shirley and the flock, to Bitzer the sheep dog & the farmer - all nicely different to Wallace & Gromit too.

    If you get the opportunity to catch this show, do! Visit the website (, try it for yourself!

    If only all children's shows were this much fun.