Shaun the Sheep

Weekdays 3:45 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 05, 2007 In Season





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  • Shouldn't this be something for Disney Playhouse??

    The reason I gave it a 2 was because I was hyped up when I saw it on Disney Channel.

    But now this is just upsetting.....

    I really, really (I MEAN I actually tried hard to watch that show but it's too impossible.)

    It's sad seeing this show on Disney Channel....
    This show proves my worst fears of television...

    Disney Channel is getting more babyish by the second....

    Espically with this show...

    You know in one of those babyish shows you watch when you're little and you hear some narrator narrating in the background.

    This show got that too..

    I won't be surprised if this show gets cancelled, considering that the only they ever had was "Wallace & Gromit."

    They should halt every other plan and make that a show because everything else they make ends up in the gutter....