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  • Shazam. A real superhero.

    Shazam is an all time favourite show. I have all episodes on DVD. It is a show the whole family can watch from young to old. I think the first series was the best series, Jackson Bostwick made a great Captain Marvel. It taught kids and also adults about the virtues of honesty, integrity and responsibility. One episode Captain Marvel went to jail of his own will, he could have bent the bars and got out, but his integrity didn't let him do that. The episodes would not be out of place on Tv today. A real superhero that like Billy's friend Mentor will never die. "Oh elders fleet and strong and wise, appear before my seeking eyes"
  • shazam is my all time personal favorite show i wish i had this show on dvd the whole 28 episodes of it this show was decent and taught everyday lessons which in my opinion is fanastic! debra

    one of the shows i recall is when billy had to tell chad his true identify to help save his brother danny and chad promises not to tell anyone bily's secret so he turns into captain marvel and then tells chad the success of this depends on him and saids good luck to chad so mentor and chad are on their way to find danny who has decided to venture out on his own thinking that chad can't do it so anyway captain marvel makes it to the van and gets the snake bite serum intime to danny who gets the treatment of the serum from captain marvel who has a walkoie talkie to talk to the dr on how to use it and so anyway danny is feeling lots better and realizes that chad is not helpness and can help others too and this show is fanastic i love it along with all the other ones too and wish it were all on dvd too it would be great! there is no doubt about it either and so i say bring this show back to regular tv please!debra
  • I started watching this when I was a teen. I really like the way Billy help people.

    I always glad to turn on my tv every night and watch Billy fly through the skys. When I was a teen I always wanted to be a hero and Billy was that. Nowadays we don't see our favorite heros flying in the sky. All we see on tv is people killing other people and kids getting kidnapped. If only we had these people like Billy, we wouldn't have to worry about the outside world. So please bring Shazam back!
  • DC Super-Hero Becomes Super-Stupid

    I think I loved this show when it first aired, but now years later after studying mythology from the Greeks to the Native Americans and seeing the television show "Hercules:The Legendary Journeys," I can see what tripe this show really was. For a hero with the powers of the mightiest immortals (and one demi-god and one ancient king of Canaan), Captain Marvel was really sort of a one dimensional character wasted in so-so adventures (a school catches fire with little or no damage, a bird escapes the zoo...). He never did anything great except spout "pearls of wisdom" which by some miracle the kids actually took. Neither of the two guys, Davey or Bostwick, looked right in that cartoonish costume which right out cartoon land, and the actor playing Billy Batson was old enough he didn't need to change to pull some of the overstaged good deeds he does. Why the gods of old were interested in trivial matters when Ares by himself was far more dangerous was never explained. This show is proof that when kiddie shows are made, logic and common sense are the first thing to go! If remade today, the only actors I can think closest to playing the "World's Greatest Immortal" might be Billy Zane or even Dean Cain.