Shazam! - Season 1

CBS (ended 1976)




Episode Guide

  • The Gang's All Here (2)
    Vinnie is out on bail and ready to get even with that rat-fink Jackie. Billy tries to talk to Vinnie, but ends up being bound and gagged. Vinnie and Jackie's confrontation at the oil refinery almost takes one of their lives... ALMOST, thanks to Captain Marvel. Moral: In the end, fighting doesn't prove anything. Work together and iron out differences in a constructive way, rather than a destructive way.moreless
  • The Past Is Not Forever (1)
    Poor Jackie is being accused of robbing the gas station he works at because he has a criminal record. Plus it was done using the keys. Tough guy Vinnie doesn't want Jackie hanging around his sister, Mellie. Hmm... Could Vinnie have set Jackie up so he won't be able to see Mellie anymore? Moral: Making a mistake isn't the end of the world. We all get a second chance. Just make sure you don't mess it up, or let others mess it up for you.moreless
  • The Braggart
    The Braggart
    Episode 13
    After Alan tells a story about beating up a big guy using karate, his friends start to doubt that anything he's been telling them is true. Alan makes a big mistake and says that he's been inside the rhino exhibit at the zoo, and now he has to prove it, otherwise he has to find some new friends. See Captain Marvel wrestle a lion! Moral: Honesty is the best policy.moreless
  • The Delinquent
    The Delinquent
    Episode 12
    Norm is a loner attending an outdoor summer camp. Although he can't swim, he decides to take a canoe ride. His canoe capsizes and begins to call for help. Billy and Mentor are camping nearby and hear the cries for help. Billy transforms into Captain Marvel and saves Norm. Billy then learns about Norm from the camp counselor and decides to help. Billy must teach him to believe in himself. Moral: To like others, we must first like ourselves.moreless
  • Little Boy Lost
    Little Boy Lost
    Episode 11
    Howard is a boy who hasn't spoken since his friend was almost killed. His father won't let him have a puppy, so he runs away. Billy finds Howard stuck on some rocks in high tide, and is able to call his father using a note found in the boy's pocket. On their way home, Howard and his father stop at an old ghost town, where a puppy has fallen down into a mine shaft. His father is soon stuck too while trying to save the pup. Howard is able to go find Billy and Mentor, and when his dad is saved, Howard is suddenly able to speak! Moral: If you don't communicate, you'll never solve your problems. There are times when EVERYONE needs help.moreless
  • The Brain
    The Brain
    Episode 10
    Jim "The Brain" Carter is a new kid in town and is having a tough time finding friends. He's been playing tricks on them in order to get them to like him. They also are put off by his incessant bookreading. Billy and Mentor suggest that Jim try to do things that the rest of the guys are interested in. Tough guy Greg decides to make Jimmy try something dangerous in order to prove that he's good enough to hang around them. When Greg is in danger, Jim uses Morse Code (learned from books!) to call for help, and thankfully, that help is Captain Marvel! Moral: We all want to be liked, but daredevil stunts aren't the way to prove it. If a person can't like you for who you are, then maybe they aren't worth having as friends.moreless
  • The Doom Buggy
    The Doom Buggy
    Episode 9
    Don has dropped out of school to be a mechanic. But when he and Billy get lost in the desert, he sees that he doesn't know as much as he thought he did. Moral: If you close your mind to learning, sooner or later you're going to have it opened and be surprised at just how much you've shortchanged yourself. So if you ever think about dropping out of school, you're only hurting yourself.moreless
  • The Boy Who Said "No"
    Mentor is hit over the head and robbed. Young Larry Burns knows that it was Ron Craig who robbed Mentor, but is threatened that he'd better keep quiet, or else... Billy and Mentor know that Larry knows who the robber was, and when Ron is seen looking for Larry, it becomes obvious that Ron is the quilty person. Knowing he's been found out, Ron forces Larry's father to take him out of town on his helicopter. Moral: Some day you may see somebody do something wrong. If you don't know what to do about it, just remember that when a problem has you stumped, it's a good idea to talk with a grown-up you can trust. It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run!moreless
  • The Treasure
    The Treasure
    Episode 7
    Two men have been digging up Indian artifacts in the desert and selling them. An Indian chief and his grandson, Johnny, try to get them to stop, but are unsuccessful. Billy and Mentor offer their help to keep these priceless treasures where they belong. Moral: The desert and traditions of other people have much to teach us and must be preserved for future generations to see and to know.moreless
  • The Athlete
    The Athlete
    Episode 6
    Kellie has her mind set on being a part of the all-boys Varsity Team. But there are two boys who will do anything in order to get her off the team...Perhaps even by planting test answers in her locker. Moral: Everyone should be given a chance to prove his or her abilities. Don't put someone down just because they're different from you. Don't put a girl down just because she's a girl. When a person's talents are wasted, it's a loss to everyone.moreless
  • The Road Back (2)
    The Road Back (2)
    Episode 5
    Continuing from where the previous episode left off, Gary and Mark are on their way to the D.A.'s office when Brock, the drug dealer, car-jacks the police car. Mark pretends to be on the good side, so that he can keep Brock informed as to what's going on. Can Captain Marvel save the day once again? Moral: It's important to be responsible for what we say and what we do. It's easy to get dragged into doing what is wrong, but it's even harder to get out again.moreless
  • The Lure of the Lost (1)
    A woman is concerned about her brother, Gary, when he seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd - a drug dealer named Brock. Can Billy and Mentor help Gary break free of his connections with Brock? Moral: When you're faced with a problem that you don't feel you can handle, running away isn't the answer. Try talking it over with someone you trust.moreless
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill
    When a woman left instructions in her will to destroy her horse, Beckett, her niece tries to stop it. Captain Marvel and Mentor must help her save the horse while working within the law.
  • The Brothers
    The Brothers
    Episode 2
    A pair of brothers learn that a disablility does not make someone disabled.
  • The Joyriders
    The Joyriders
    Episode 1
    A young man must figure out what to do when his friends insist on stealing cars and going on joy rides.
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