Season 1 Episode 3

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 24, 1974 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lynn is a young girl who works as a stable hand at a ranch and has a particular fondness for a horse named Beckett. One day, while at the ranch, Lynn's father, the local sheriff, came to meet her and brought another man named Nick Roberts with him. Neither of the men looked happy as they approached the girl, but the sheriff asked Roberts to back off for a moment while he talked to his daughter. Sheriff Colby explained to his daughter that her aunt, the previous owner of Beckett, had left a specific clause in her will that if she were to die, that Beckett would have to be put down. Lynn could not believe that her father was willing to carry out that provision, but Roberts was determined to see Beckett destroyed since it was the mare who had given him the limp that he has had to live with. As the two men discussed the Beckett situation, Lynn took matters into her own hands and rode off on Beckett. As she galloped off, she passed Billy and Mentor who had been having a bite to eat at the side of the road. As she rode into the brush, Lynn was thrown from Beckett. When Billy and Mentor saw the horse emerge from the brush riderless, they went in search of the girl. They quickly found her unharmed and she begged them to help her find the horse before her father and Roberts does. Lynn presumed that Beckett would head back to her stable, so Billy and Mentor decided to give her a ride there. Upon arriving, Lynn tried to plead with her father, but he would not budge. He was an officer of the law and he had to uphold it. Billy then recalled what he had been told by the Elders about how reason would triumph over impulsive action. Billy suggested that they find a way to have Lynn's aunt's will legally changed to save Beckett. Lynn was doubtful it would work, but she was willing to try. Along with a few of Lynn's friends, Billy, Mentor and Lynn picketed outside of the ranch where Nick Roberts was keeping Beckett. He immediately called the sheriff and insisted that the protesters be removed. However, the protest was perfectly legal and Sheriff Colby had no intention of breaking it up. Since there was a growing movement to save Beckett, he ordered a stay of execution until a judge could be contacted and other legal avenues could be explored. Not willing to admit to a possible defeat, Nick Roberts opened up Beckett's stable with the intent of killing her right then and there. However, the horse ran off and Nick drove off after her. Lynn frantically called Billy and Mentor, not knowing what to do. Billy called upon the power of the Elders and transformed into Captain Marvel so that he could pursue the runaway horse and the man chasing her. When Nick caught up with Beckett, he rammed a tree with his truck and toppled it onto the mare. Standing over the pinned horse and gloating, Nick revelled in the idea that the fallen tree would finish off the horse for him. Moments later, Sheriff Colby and Lynn arrived and tried to lift the tree off of the trapped horse. Knowing that it was far too heavy for them to move, Nick insisted that the sheriff put Beckett out of her misery. Not seeing an alternative and not wanting the horse to suffer, Sheriff Colby was about to comply. Before he could, Captain Marvel arrived to lift the tree off of the horse. With only 20 minutes left before the execution deadline, Nick was still gloating over his imminent victory. Captain Marvel asked Sheriff Colby if there were any legal avenues left open to them to save Beckett. He suggests that a court order could override the provisions of the will, but the courthouse was 500 miles away. Flying at his best speed, Captain Marvel made the trip to the courthouse and back in the nick of time. Moral: Problems cannot besolved by breaking the law. They must be solved within the law. Laws are made to help us, and when they stop helping us, they can be changed -- legally.