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  • Chuck and Nancy have a powerful genie, Shazzan, who takes on various adventures.

    Created by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, "Shazzan" is by far one of the more creative and beautifully animated series of all time. This show holds up remarkably well even till today because of the high quality of animation. Looking at this show is really a treat every character is drawn well and the detail in the backgrounds are all done quite exquisitely well. The stories were all decent. One week "Shazzan" might be fighting another genie, the next episode he might be fighting an evil dictator, and another he might be saving Chuck and Nancy from a dangerous monster. This show had a bit of everything. The voices were all great too. This is one of the early golden era of animation and by far one of the best.

    The last time I saw on Boomerang from Cartoon Network, and I still watch it every once in a while because it's a great show. Highly recommend if you haven't seen it.