She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 1 Episode 33

A Talent For Trouble

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1985 on

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  • funny stuff!

    Despite the complaints of the episode, I actually like this one. We see castle grayskull agaian. We see the Sorceress again. and we see Orko again! He comes to Etheria by accident and instantly meets Madam Razz (perhaps a future love-interest?). He is instantly captured and taken to Hordak. The humor that follows is brilliant - Hordak is teased and humilated whilst Orko causes trouble. Heman and Shera have a good time in this episde too. Heman shows us his might whilst She-Ra shows her skills as well. The end where She-Ra kisses Orko is probably one of the funniest moments ever!
  • Oorko, while helping clean up Castle Greyskull is accidently luanched into a portal and winds up in Etheria.

    I immediatly liked this episode becuase of Oorko and I liked the way how he and Madam Razz became fast freinds. When he and Madam were captured and Oorko had to wear that helmet so Hordak could see into his head, I loved the images that appeared. I kept thinking that one of the images was going to stick his tongue out at Hordak. When the computer kept saying that Hordak is a meanie I was luaghing. I loved the look on Hordak's face. But I was really glad that He-man and She-ra came to Madam Razz's and Horko's rescue.