She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 1 Episode 60

Anchors Aloft (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1985 on

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  • Sea-Hawk winds up on an island where he meets a sharp tongued mouse named Davey and meets his long lost father.

    First off I liked Davey, for a little mouse he sure has alot of spunk and i liked how he annoyed Hawk. When Davey showed Hawk the ship that in that cave and told him to ask the compass where is shipmates were, I smiled with humor when Hawk muttered "I feel like an idiot." When he pushed in that box of teasure into the water after that fight with the man, I was reminded that he may be a pirate, but he had prioties and that makes him a great man.and once agian she-ra had to do some quick moving to ensure that Hawk found Adora.