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She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 1 Episode 16

Duel At Devlan

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1985 on
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Episode Summary

The village of Devlan is being terrorized by a group of Hordesmen, led by a super-advanced robot called Dylamug. A young girl called Kristala goes to She-Ra for help. She-Ra accompanies Kristala back to Devlan, where she sets about convincing the frightened villagers to stand up to their tormentors.moreless

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  • Dylamug and several Horde troopers are terrorizing the people of Devlan, a small village of Etheria. She-ra attempts to convince the people of Devlan to defend themselves against the Horde.

    This isn't too terrible of a She-ra episode. Frosta has a brief appearance, although she really doesn't serve any purpose. Several minutes are devoted to showing the Great Rebellion having a good time in their camp (preparing breakfast, sledding). I like that the episode focused on the people of Etheria and their fear of the Horde tyranny. Because that is the overarching theme of the She-ra series, and She-ra does succeed in convincing the people of Devlan to rebel against the Horde. She doesn't see very much action in the episode. For some reason, she leaves Swift Wind on the road, instead of having her follow her into town. Perhaps the animators didn't want to bother with it. Bow is still a flat character. It isn't explained who Dylamug really is, and there doesn't seem to be anything special about him, other than that he seems to be a captain of some sort within the Horde. It's an episode that can be missed.moreless
  • Yikes this one is bad, but still tolerable. An appearance by Frosta, otherwise forgettable.

    There are no significant Horde characters in this episode, other than the obligatory Horde troopers. Their leader is named Dylamug or something like that, and you have to see him to believe him - I don't know whether to laugh or cry when looking at him. He and his cronies like to harass the people of Devlan, and it's up to She-Ra to teach the people of Devlan that they will never be free until they stop letting the Horde intimidate them. She-Ra promises them that the Rebellion will protect them if they decide to fight back against the Horde.moreless
Melendy Britt

Melendy Britt

She-Ra/Princess Adora, Catra, Castaspella, Mermista, Jewelstar, Octavia

George DiCenzo

George DiCenzo

Hordak, Bow, General Sundar, Sea Hawk, Red Knight, Duke Dreer, Dylamug (shared), Vultak, Tung Lashor

Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer

Skeletor, Battle Cat, Man-At-Arms

Diane Pershing

Diane Pershing

Netossa, Spinerella, Sweet Bee

Lou Scheimer

Lou Scheimer

Kowl, Mantenna, Leech, Grizzlor, Modulok, The Horde Troopers, Spirit/Swift Wind, Multi-Bot, Orko, Snout Spout, Sorrowful the Dra

Linda Gary

Linda Gary

Glimmer, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia, Madame Razz, Entrapta

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