She-Ra on DVD

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    I'm definately going to have to look into buying the DVDs. Can anyone give me a list of episodes that are found on Volume 1?
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    Sure, lets see...

    Into Etheria, Beast Island, She-Ra Unchained, Reunions, Battle For Bright Moon, Duel at Devlan, The Sea Hawk, The Red Knight, The Missing Ax, The Laughing Dragon, The Peril of Whispering Woods, The Prisoners of Beast Island, King Miro's Journey, Friendship, He Ain't Heavy, Return of the Sea Hawk, A Loss For Words, Gateway To Trouble, Enchanted Castle, Three Courageous Hearts, The Stone In the Sword, The Crystal Castle, The Crown of Knowledge, Enemy With My Face, Small Problems, Book Burning, The Eldritch Mist, Bow's Farewell, The Price of Freedom, Play It Again Bow, The Reluctant Wizard, Friends Are Where You Find Them

    Plus some extra features like commentaries, documentaries, storyboards, character/creature/artifact profiles, trivia, a game, scripts, the series bible, a comic and coloring pages.

    I got the set for my birthday a few days ago, but haven't actually looked at it yet.
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