She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 1 Episode 4

Reunions (Part 4 of 5)

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1985 on

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  • After He-man and She-ra rescue Queen Angela from the Harpies, Adam and Adora return to Eternia, where Adora is reunited with her parents. Little do they know that Hordak has followed them.

    This episode has several moments that can make one weep. "Reunions" is an appropriate title for this episode since it feature not only the reunion of Adora with her parents (King Randor and Queen Marlena) but also the reunion of Glimmer with her mother Queen Angela. Queen Marlena's reaction to seeing Adora in her throne room is sweet and beautiful. Even King Randor thanking Adam and hugging him is a beautiful moment.

    Aside from the dramatic stuff, there is plenty of action. He-man, She-ra, and Swift Wind fight off the Harpies that are holding Queen Angela prisoner. It seems a little disjunct to introduce the Harpies here. It would have made more sense to have Angela held captive in some other Horde prison, where villains like Grizzlor, Mantenna, or Catra could have been used again. Hordak and Skeletor also have a brief battle.

    So, tehre is a good deal of character and story development. Viewers learn more about Glimmer. A little more of the history of the Horde is revealed. Skeltor is revealed to be an old pupil of Hordak! Great stuff! I could have just done without the harpies.
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