She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 3 Episode 2

She-Ra and He-man - A Christmas Special

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1985 on

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  • Even when I was a kid, I thought this was dumb.

    Yes friends, this movie has it all. Transformers rip offs, Christmas without the theology, and Skeletor totally breaking character, all in the name of giving us some holiday fun the He-Man and She-ra way. The ultimate evil in the He-man universe is afraid that two kids will bring Christmas cheer to Eternia and set the plans of evil back a hundred years. Not that the bad guys aren't back to square one after every single regular episode. And even though the She-ra bad guys took over the world, nobody likes them anyway. How could this really hurt them? Or maybe it can, because the Christmas spirit is so powerful it actually turns Skeletor into a simpering whiner who does everything in his power to make sure the kids get home safe. Blargh. The only reason I owned a movie of this was because I thought I was getting Secret of the Sword.