She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 3 Episode 2

She-Ra and He-man - A Christmas Special

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Of the Horde: Hordak, Cat-Ra, Modulok, Multi-Bot, and Horde Troopers were in this episode.


    • Though most of the She-Ra: Princess of Power good characters were in this episode most didn't have speaking parts. Only She-Ra, Swift Wind, and He-Man spoke in this episode.

    • Even though Cringer was in this episode Battle Cat wasn't.

    • The reason it looked like spring here is because Perfuma made it spring, then when the kids told her Christmas was in the winter, she changed it back to wintery weather.

    • In this episode She-Ra turns her sword into a flame and a lasso.

    • How does the SkySpy and the Christmas tree get transported to Eternia when only Orko and the kids walk into the transport beam.

    • Even when Mermista has been under water, when she surfaces her hair is perfectly styled.

    • To follow on from the above, there is also seasonal contradiction within this very episode- whereas it is established as being Winter at the start, later on when the kids are hanging around with Bow and Perfuma, they complain about the weather being too warm, stating "Christmas is in the Winter!" It's possible that in this scene they are actually meant to be on Etheria, but it doesn't really make sense to think they'd go there.

    • Since it is Adam and Adora's birthday, presumably this episode takes place a year after the He-Man episode "The Great Books Mystery", in which Adam celebrated his 19th birthday. But in this episode it is clearly Winter, whereas in "The Great Books Mystery", the weather was hot.

    • Also, it seems a little unusual how the kids willingly follow Orko first to his space craft, and then through the portal to Eternia- OK, so we know Orko's harmless, but nevertheless doesn't this contradict the show's usual morals about not going anywhere with strangers?

    • The Earth kids seem to show very little surprise when they see Orko; it's as if floating aliens with no legs were commonplace on Earth!

    • Hordak's henchman Rattlor is seen working for Skeletor in this episode, without any explanation of why he is with Skeletor rather than the Horde. This is much like how Rattlor's Snake Man sidekick Tung Lashor was also seen inexplicably working for Skeletor in "Gateway to Trouble".

    • Why is Skeletor serving Horde Prime in this episode? It is firmly established in the series that Skeletor left the Horde around twenty years ago and has been a rival to Prime ever since, not a servant.

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    • This special is well-known for Skeletor's singular 'act of goodwill' at the end, when he is overcome by the Christmas Spirit. This has always evoked a mixed reaction from fans.

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