She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season 2 Episode 20

Sweet Bee's Home

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1986 on



  • Trivia

    • This episode is generally considered the best-directed of the entire series. While the characters' expressions usually do not change more than once or twice in a single shot, He-Man's expression changes a total of 61 times in the *single* shot where Frosta attempts to give him a kiss.

    • Loo-Kee's Moral: It's hard to move to a new place, but it can be something exciting to look forward to.

  • Quotes

    • Horde Trooper: Hordak, look! It's the rebels!
      Hordak: Well, what are you waiting for, you tin dolt? Blast them with the freeze cannon!

    • He-Man: Here come some Horde Troopers!
      She-Ra: You and Frosta had better take them my brother. Mermista and I will go after the spaceship.
      Frosta: Oh, that sounds like a wonderful plan!
      He-Man: (wincing) She-Ra...
      She-Ra: (smiling) No time, He-Man.

    • (An ice boulder is headed straight for Frosta, but He-Man pushes her out of the way just in time and ends up on top of her)
      He-Man: Are you all right?
      Frosta: Oh...couldn't be better...!

    • (He-Man and She-Ra punch their way through the wall)
      Shadow Weaver: She-Ra!
      Hordak: And He-Man!
      Frosta: (to Mermista) What, don't we deserve an announcement?

    • (Sweet Bee has just left to return to her hive's ship)
      He-Man: I just wish I had a chance to say goodbye, but now she's gone...
      Frosta: Yes, she certainly is--but I'm not! Aren't the stars romantic, He-Man?
      He-Man: (to She-Ra) Uh, sis, I think I'd better cut my visit short, go home early. Uh, know what I mean?
      She-Ra: Oh, I understand perfectly: you're chicken!

    • (Frosta is hanging all over He-Man)
      She-Ra: If you could leave Frosta alone for a minute, we could use a hand!
      He-Man: Leave her alone?!

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