She-Ra: Princess of Power

(ended 1987)




  • Season 1 Episode 1: Into Etheria (Part 1 of 5)

  • When Battlecat caught He-Man's Sword of Power in his mouth after He-Man had thrown it to disarm Adora, Battlecat was not shown holding it in his mouth in the next episode, Beast Island.

  • In the shot where He-Man throws his sword to disarm Adora, another sword, which turns out to be the Sword of Protection, is visible in his scabard. He was never shown to be carrying both swords in his scabbard before.

  • When Adam puts the Sword of Protection onto his back just before he travels through the portal to Etheria, the hilt is still sticking out. It is no longer visible in any subsequent shots of Adam.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Beast Island (Part 2 of 5)

  • In the recap from Into Etheria Adora is shown with the Sword of Protection instead of the decoy sword she had during that episode; and He-Man was shown with his Sword of Power instead of the Sword of Protection he had with him during that episode.

  • Look close: When Hordak shoots the rebel ship out of the sky, the display panel in front of him flashes. It's hard to make out, but pausing the frame proves that there are words there stating "DIE DIE".

  • Season 1 Episode 3: She-Ra Unchained (Part 3 ...

  • Originally Adora was to say, "By the grace of Grayskull!" to transform into She-Ra.

  • Aside from being the episode to feature the first appearance of She-Ra, it also contains the first appearances of Swift Wind and Imp.

  • In the recap from Beast Island, Adora is not wearing the brown robe she wore during the episode when the Trooper shoved the boy that was taking his horse; also, Shadow Weaver's magic was different than it was during the episode when she was putting Adora to sleep. In addition, in the racap He-Man frees himself and is shown with the Sword of Power in his scabbard, but during the actual episode Kowl helped free He-Man, who did not have his Sword of Power in his scabbard.

  • Look closely, the animation of Adora tossing in her sleep is reused from the first episode where the Sorceress is tossing in her sleep.

  • At the beginning of the scene in which Adora is waking up from her nightmare, you can see a cannon next to the window. But when Adora wakes up and looks outside through the window, the cannon is gone.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Reunions (Part 4 of 5)

  • In this episode Adora says "Mother and Father don't know you're He-Man", but in the He-Man episode entitled "Rainbow Warrior" his mother Queen Marlena explains the reason she saved him and not the others is because "A mother always knows her son...and what he is capable of. Adam, I've always been very proud of you". Only their father doesn't know he's He-Man.

  • In the new intro of She-ra, she said He-man's twin sister and "defender of the Crystal Castle". The Crystal Castle was never under attack. The Horde never noticed the presence of this Castle.

  • When He-Man and She-Ra speak to the Sorceress, they are in the woods. But in one of She-Ra's head shots, she is on the Horde magna-beam roof from the previous episode.

  • Another one of many opportunities for anyone to realise that Adam and Adora are He-Man and She-Ra: Adam and Adora promised to Glimmer that they would rescue her mother, but wasn't it a little weird that Queen Angela came back with He-Man and She-Ra?

  • The door in Castle Grayskull which leads to Etheria looks different here than it does in "Into Etheria".

  • I kinda noticed the flashback about Hordak getting into the portal with Adora is totally different from the flashback in the episode, Into Etheria. In Into Etheria, Hordak was holding a rod gun and as he fired a shot at Man-At-Arms and Sorceress, Man-At-Arms dove at Sorceress to get her out of the way of the shot. But in this episode, Reunions, the flashback shows Hordak with an arm-cannon instead of a rod-gun. And when Hordak fired a shot with his arm-cannon at Man-At-Arms and Sorceress, Man-At-Arms and Sorceress ran in opposite directions to dodge the shot.

  • Skeletor's lair in Snake Mountain is missing the table
    where all the warriors sit.

  • Why do the Rebels accept Adora into their ranks so quickly when she's spent her whole lifetime serving the Horde? Why are they not in the least bit suspicious of her? Further episodes would make this situation even more ludicrous by making Adora leader of the Rebellion. The show's writers missed out on an opportunity for many great character-driven stories here, as there could have been many episodes revolving around Adora feeling guilty about her past, and Rebels being distrustful of her, suspecting she may be still a Hordeswoman at heart.

  • There is a possible continuity error here, as it is revealed that Snake Mountain used to be Hordak's base, when Skeletor was serving him. Yet in the He-Man episode "Golden Disks of Knowledge" it was revealed that Skeletor built Snake Mountain himself. This would seem less likely if Hordak had owned the mountain, although it doesn't rule out the chance that Skeletor could have built it.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Battle for Brightmoon...

  • He-Man said "Are you ready to go home, Battlecat?", but She-Ra flew away on Swiftwind before arranging for a portal to send them home. Since Adora\She-Ra are the only ones at the moment who could arrange it she stranded them in Etheria.


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