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She Spies

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Every once in a while, an elite crime fighting team emerges - a highly sophisticated covert ops, specially trained in global intelligence maneuvers. This is not one of those teams. They are 3 career criminals with one shot at freedom. Now they are working for the feds who put them away. These are the women of She Spies, bad girls gone good! Working for the very feds who put them away, the career con-girls have turned their backs on their former lives, waging weekly war on the lowliest of the world's sleaze and scumbags, armed with sleek moves, street smarts and enough attitude to make a sailor blush. Now in their second year, the Spies find themselves under the management of Mr. Cross, who pits them against opponents worthier of their unique challenges. The show started off as a preview on NBC with a four-episode commitment. The show was to be going into syndication in the fall of 2002, unless ratings were outstanding. In fact, ratings were scarce, and NBC ended up only airing 3 of the 4 episodes they were supposed to air. So, the show moved to syndication in fall of 2002. Check your local listings, to see what station will be airing the show.moreless
Kristen Miller

Kristen Miller

Deedra "D.D." Cummings

Natashia Williams

Natashia Williams

Shane Phillips

Carlos Jacott

Carlos Jacott

Jack Wilde (Season 1)

Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge

Cassie McBain

Jamie Iglehart

Jamie Iglehart

Duncan Baleu (Season 2)

Cameron Daddo

Cameron Daddo

Quentin Cross (Season 2)

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  • Anyone who doesn't like this show doesn't understand this show.

    Anyone who doesn't like this show doesn't understand this show. She Spies knows that it's campy, cheesy and utterly inane. The cheese is what makes it a great show. If you truly watch the show, the little odd jokes every few minutes are not at par with the Zucker brothers, but definietly does a great job aspiring to it.

    All the inside and stupid jokes make it worth the campiness.


    Cassie: Didn't we just stop a computer from uploading secret data last week?

    Shane: Nah, week before that. (cuts power)

    Mel: Oh no! It didn't finish uploading. It didn't send!

    Cassie: Didn't that happen last week too?moreless
  • it is so stupid and how could it last so long

    I think the show tried to be funny and action packed like charmed but it is just stupid i have never seen it before today when i watched it on sci-fi channel!!! But i already hate it!!! The acting is terrible and done by a bunch acors from wild things 44 and species 34 i mean they are from crapp sequels that ruin originals!!! They try o be funny so that they can have a low budget like using a toy plain but it just looks dumb!!! The fightings rare and not very good story lines are as unoriginal as they come and personaly i would rather watch Gigli instead of another episode of this!! one more thing why did it last 2 seasons it should have been 2 episodes i mean good shows get cancelled quicker!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Very, very unrealistic, and total waste of time

    I really do not get who came up with this! It is sooo unrealistic, you can see it jusgt watching one scene. The whole story is very, very boring and I have a feeling that I've already seen it before.

    And I would never call this an action show. I don't know, the point of the good show is that it looks like it's really happening, that you are not having a feeling that is all acting.

    But, here, you can see that is all a bad act in one second... really bad show, I watch it only when there's nothing good on TV.moreless
  • Low budget Charlie's Angels reincarnated

    There's a sweet one, a smart one, and then there's the &* (rhymes with blow). Well, I'm not saying which one that was, but I can tell that this show was modeling itself after the fluff classic. She Spies is so campy at times it seemed like a live action cartoon. I really do think this show had potential , but it didn't take itself seriously enough.
  • A show about three career criminals, Cassie, Dee Dee, and Shane, who have been recruited by a secret government agency to work on the side of good and bring down the bad guys.moreless

    This show was highly underappreciated. I know that from the very first airing. She Spies never took itself seriously and I think that is why most of the viewing audience could not appreciate it for what it was, a spoof. Xena, La Femme Nikita, Buffy, Alias, any show with a female lead as action hero was its target. Maybe it was a little before its time, perhaps it would have made a good movie something in the vain of the Scary Movie franchise. This show had everything from the over the top tech ops, to the big guns, to bad guys with fake accents and retarded plans, even the fact that the lackies always come after you one at a time and no matter how many shots were fired no one could aim. I loved this show but, I knew it would be cancelled soon after it began. So, I thank Dee Dee, Cassie, and Shane for the memories. Download this show, the laughs are worth the wait.moreless

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