She Spies

Season 2 Episode 6

Crossed Out

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 2003 on



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    • D.D.: When you feel good you look good.
      Shane: Thank you, Oprah.

    • D.D.: The Hannibal Lector setup is kinda creepy.
      Cassie: Please don't tell us you ate the guard's liver.

    • D.D.: I've never had a female boss before.
      Shane: What about Beverly?
      D.D.: The shower guard in cell block 6?
      Cassie: I don't think she counts as a women.

    • Shane: If you really think about it, how much do we know about [Cross]? Zip?
      D.D.: Diddly
      Cassie: Squat.

    • Cassie: Mr. Cross is a professional killer, and that was an amateur murder.
      Shane: Yeah, if he wanted to kill you he'd slit your throat with your ID badge.
      Cassie: Or stab you with your own pencil.
      D.D.: Or shove your nose into your brain. (everyone stares) Well, it sounded scarier when [Cross] said it.

    • D.D.: I do a great impression of Weird Al Yankovich. (Cassie stares) Well, you've heard it.
      Cassie: I thought you were doing Tom Arnold.
      D.D.: Why would anyone do Tom Arnold?

    • D.D.: I've often secretly admired [Shane's] competitive spirit, but driving 80 miles an hour to Palmdale with nerve gas seems a little over the top.

    • D.D.: It'll take a while for me to translate it.
      Cassie: That's our D.D. - hooked on Slavonics.

    • D.D.: (after a fight) Why do we even bother going undercover?

    • Cassie: I don't think my body bends that way.
      D.D.: I don't think it was meant to.

    • Jolene: I can bench press 350 lbs., I can do 200 single-arm push-ups, and I can break your skinny little legs with my hands like two crackers.
      D.D.: You really need to broaden your tough-talk vocabulary. I'm sure there are some tapes you can order.

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