She Spies

Season 1 Episode 18

Damsels in De-Stress

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 2003 on
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Episode Summary

While visiting a destress clinic, the Spies are stalked by a bomber who needs a vital piece of evidence they have to set off his or her bombs.

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    Hari Dhillon

    Hari Dhillon

    Depac Chumstein

    Guest Star

    Tony Denison

    Tony Denison

    Arthur Nagin

    Guest Star

    Musetta Vander

    Musetta Vander

    Dr. Weiland

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      • Jack: Can't be abandoned again.
        Weiland: Again?
        Jack: I said of course it scares me.
        Weiland: No no no. Again you said again.
        Jack: Again I said 'again'? I don't remember saying it the first time.
        Weiland: No, you only said it once, but you definitely said it...again.
        Jack: How could I say something once and say it again?
        Weiland: No, the word 'again, I'm saying you said the word 'again.'
        Jack: And I'm saying I don't remember saying it the first time. Sheesh.

      • Margo: These [sheets] ought to put you in a relaxed state.
        Cassie: New Mexico would be a nice state to be in.

      • D.D.: What, you never played 'Most Colorful Metaphor' on a long bus ride?
        Jack: Getting back to conversations worthy of our short time on Earth...

      • Jack: (dictating) Health spa, rubdowns, fights in revealing outfits...
        Cassie: What's that?
        Jack: Just some notes I'm keeping. I thought someday I might pitch what we're doing as an idea for a TV show.
        Shane: Hmmm. Three female ex-cons working for a clandestine government organization seeking to rid the world of evil-doers.
        D.D.: It's certainly fresh.
        Jack: That was my thinking.
        Cassie: Network?
        Jack: I prefer syndication - you get distracted by all the amenities.
        Everyone: Yeah, you don't want that...

      • Depac: D.D., I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that diet is the end-all and be-all...but it can solve every problem known to man.

      • Margo: If my father would have relaxed every now and then, maybe he wouldn't have put that gun in his mouth.
        Cassie: Your father committed suicide?
        Margo: No, just put a gun in his mouth. Was going for a world record with a Winchester rifle - all he could manage was a Colt .45. I tell you, that man had cheeks like a Hefty Bag.

      • Jack: I let more things slide then a trombone player at a water park.

      • Jack: (having a flashback) ...on any number of occasions, many of which are so vivid I can almost see them in front of me.

      • Jack: The girls have come close to losing their lives dozens of times. In fact, just a few weeks ago, during sweeps...

      • Jack: My childhood is strewn with the furry- and/or slime-covered bodies of my dead friends.

      • Cassie: Next time can we do that the non-slapsticky way?

      • Cassie: And how many double agents can you have before everybody is just a double-agent, and nobody's just an agent-agent anymore?
        Shane: (thinks about it) Six.
        Cassie: Really? I didn't know that.
        Shane: I'm pretty sure it's in the handbook.

      • Cassie: So I've been wrapped in towels this whole time and we're already heading toward the conclusion?
        Shane: Don't worry, I'm sure there's at least one more plot twist left.

      • D.D.: Thank goodness! I'm being poisoned! I thought I didn't feel well because I was failing at the diet, I'm so disappointed in myself. But I'm not weak-willed - I'm poisoned! (thinks about it) That's silly.
        Depac: Yes, it was.

      • Depac: 85% of all passwords are a piece of personal information, 14% are obscene expletives, and, strangely, 1% are the word 'smell'.

      • Jack: A clip of our warm and funny conversation in the taxi will be seen in a future episode of 'She Spies'!

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