She Spies

Season 2 Episode 14

Family Reunion

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2004 on

Episode Recap

The Spies are sent to recover the daughter of a Cuban scientist, Santiago, working on a cold fusion engine. The daughter, Alejandra, is coming into the country as part of a soccer team and Cross wants to keep him happy. Cuban secret service agents are after Santiago, and no one knows what Alejandra looks like. They go in as a news team to collect DNA samples, identify Alejandra, and escape with her. Father and daughter go into protective custody but the Cubans track them and Duncan figures out "Alejandra" isn't Pedro's daughter but rather a spy sent to recover and bring him back, reuniting him with his real daughter. The Spies track Santiago and his kidnappers down and rescue everyone. Meanwhile Shane's new boyfriend A.J., a tabloid writer, gets the idea Shane is tied into something big and starts investigating. Cross tells Shane to drop the guy but they apparently resolve matters, but A.J. can't drop it. In return for his help and secrecy he they let him have his story, and he uses it to sell a big story to a reputable newspaper.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)