She Spies

Season 1 Episode 6

Ice Man

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2002 on



  • Trivia

    • When Cassie first starts working for Malloy, she contacts D.D. on her headset to break into the computer. D.D. tells her to "click on start, click on run, click on okay." But a close up of Cassie's hands shows her typing on the keyboard. She should just be using the mouse.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: Oh, I also stopped by because I have... well, something I want to give you for your birthday.
      Shane: Really?
      Jack: Yeah.
      (Jack hands Shane a full-page glossy picture of a man with his wife and three kids)
      Jack: This is Agent Brian Titlebaum. That's his family. I just thought anyone who might be wondering, I don't know-- if her life is having the kind of meaning she wants it to have, if she's making up at all for her past, if she's giving anything. I thought she might like to know that this is the man that the Ice Man was going to kill, and because she stopped it from happening, he now has a chance to live a long and happy life with his wife and kids.

    • Agent Kembrell: I will say it again. You are ineffectual screwups. You have no business being on the street, let alone enforcing the law.
      Jack: Excuse me...
      Agent Kembrell: Oh, good. Let's hear from Mr. "I took three career criminals out of prison and gave them a job handling sophisticated criminal technologies because they look good in slacks."
      Cassie: First of all, who says "slacks"?
      Shane: And second of all, who had five years to catch the Iceman, came up with nothing, lost the informant in the first place, came crawling to us for help, and started whining like a baby the minute something went wrong?
      D.D.: Sometimes I say slacks.
      Jack: Excuse me...
      Agent Kembrell: Hare dare you impugn my record. I have fourteen distinguished years of service with the Department, and I will not be talked to like that by a common thief.
      Jack: Excuse me! There is nothing common about her. In fact, there's nothing common about any of them. They are incredibly uncommon, and I am proud and honored to be working with them every single day. You know, I also have a number of years of distinguished service within the Department, and if you don't start behaving like a professional, if you don't start accepting the fact that they're actually very good at what they do-- might still be able to help you-- if you don't stop insulting my agents - insulting my friends - you're going to have me (Jack pokes Kembrell in the chest) to deal with. Do you understand what I'm telling you?

    • Shane: How'd you figure out it was a microchip?
      Cassie: It says microchip on the bottom of the page. What? Look, his handwriting's really hard to read...

    • Shane: It's amazing, it worked! You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you made up that whole seltzer water thing to play off the theme of us being trapped in a comedy club.
      D.D.: Ummmm, no. Of course not.

    • Cassie: Geez, with all the rampant crime these days you'd think there be plenty of places for an ex-goons to submit resumes. You been goons long? You with the Goons Union? Do you prefer 'goon' or 'thug'? (no response) Tough room...

    • Malloy: I began to suspect you were less than advertised when you didn't seem very comfortable around a computer.
      Cassie: Yeah, like you understand Windows XP.

    • Cassie: When it comes to cooking books I'm a regular Wolfgang Puck.
      Malloy: I don't follow hockey. Just do the figures.

    • Shane: (breaking into an office) Would you relax? I had a harder time getting into this outfit tonight.

    • Malloy: There's nothing hotter than a female accountant.

    • Jack: I'm sure we'll all benefit from hearing the news right from the horse's mouth.
      All three Spies: Wrong end.

    • D.D.: There was a day when none of your friends preparing a surprise party would have escaped serious injury.
      Cassie: The Shane I used to know would have had more people than Chad and Janet coughing up blood.

    • Jack: (decorating a cake) What do you think? Sort of post-modernistic. (D.D. stares) I can go pre-modernistic.

    • Cassie: Nice wrap-up, Jack.
      D.D.: Perfectly thrown away with just the right amount of 'Way to make us care.'
      Jack: Thank you.

    • D.D.: I can fight, and I'm funny.

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