She Spies

Season 1 Episode 6

Ice Man

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2002 on



  • Quotes

    • Agent Kembrell: I will say it again. You are ineffectual screwups. You have no business being on the street, let alone enforcing the law.
      Jack: Excuse me...
      Agent Kembrell: Oh, good. Let's hear from Mr. "I took three career criminals out of prison and gave them a job handling sophisticated criminal technologies because they look good in slacks."
      Cassie: First of all, who says "slacks"?
      Shane: And second of all, who had five years to catch the Iceman, came up with nothing, lost the informant in the first place, came crawling to us for help, and started whining like a baby the minute something went wrong?
      D.D.: Sometimes I say slacks.
      Jack: Excuse me...
      Agent Kembrell: Hare dare you impugn my record. I have fourteen distinguished years of service with the Department, and I will not be talked to like that by a common thief.
      Jack: Excuse me! There is nothing common about her. In fact, there's nothing common about any of them. They are incredibly uncommon, and I am proud and honored to be working with them every single day. You know, I also have a number of years of distinguished service within the Department, and if you don't start behaving like a professional, if you don't start accepting the fact that they're actually very good at what they do-- might still be able to help you-- if you don't stop insulting my agents - insulting my friends - you're going to have me (Jack pokes Kembrell in the chest) to deal with. Do you understand what I'm telling you?