She Spies

Season 1 Episode 6

Ice Man

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2002 on



  • Quotes

    • Jack: Oh, I also stopped by because I have... well, something I want to give you for your birthday.
      Shane: Really?
      Jack: Yeah.
      (Jack hands Shane a full-page glossy picture of a man with his wife and three kids)
      Jack: This is Agent Brian Titlebaum. That's his family. I just thought anyone who might be wondering, I don't know-- if her life is having the kind of meaning she wants it to have, if she's making up at all for her past, if she's giving anything. I thought she might like to know that this is the man that the Ice Man was going to kill, and because she stopped it from happening, he now has a chance to live a long and happy life with his wife and kids.